Wandering Waffles brings all-day breakfast to City Market

If you think waffles are sit-down-breakfast food only, the forthcoming Wandering Waffles at the Lansing City Market would ask you to think again. 
Samantha Wilbur says she always comes up with big ideas while her military husband was deployed, and every time he'd come home, he would talk her back down to earth. But when she came up with an idea for a food truck, he totally agreed. 
"I said, 'You're supposed to tell me no!'" says Wilbur. "But he said he thought it was a great idea, so I started looking into the process."
As the idea for Wandering Waffles developed, it morphed from a food truck concept to a Lansing City Market business. Wanting to serve the after-bar crowd, Wilbur decided a permanent location without restrictions on nighttime hours was the way to go.
What kind of waffles does one eat at 1 a.m.?
"We do bacon, deli meat and cheese," Wilbur says. "We also have a pizza waffle with homemade tomato sauce."
The homemade waffle toppings will also include more traditional flavors of caramel and marshmallow fluff, all made with as many local ingredients as Wilbur can get her hands on. Wandering Waffles will also offer gluten free waffles and toppings.
The 430 square foot City Market restaurant is expected to open soon, with Wilbur and two other workers behind the counter. The entrepreneur hopes to see the concept grow into multiple locations in the future. 

Source: Samantha Wilbur, Wandering Waffles
Writer: Natalie Burg, Development News Editor
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