Eye Level Learning Center focuses on after school enrichment

Parents looking to reinforce what their kids learn in school will find an additional resource for unlocking academic potential through the new Eye Level Learning Center in Okemos.
"As our motto says, we are the key to supporting the educational needs of your kids," says Dr. Prashanti Boinapally, center director. "Our curriculum is unique and kids enjoy doing it."
Eye Level Learning is a leading provider of supplemental educational programs in math and English. The self-directed coursework matches national curriculum standards for students ages 3 through 16, and is completed after school in classrooms with low student-to-instructor ratios. Students progress at their own pace in classes with a mixture of ages and grades.
The 1,200-square foot facility includes three brightly colored classrooms, a kitchen, office space and a waiting area for parents. One-hour classes run after school on Tuesday and Thursday, and on Saturday mornings. Most students attend classes once a week and do homework on the days in between.
Prashanti and her husband decided to bring the national educational franchise to Okemos to broaden the area's options for challenging, after school programs. Her two children, ages 12 and 6, currently take courses through Eye Level.
"Eye Level supplements what kids learn in school," says Prashanti. "The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, so students are taught how to apply what they learn."
The Okemos Eye Level Learning Center at 3536 Meridian Crossings, Suite 210,  officially opened in November, with a grand opening scheduled February. The center employs five teachers and looks to add up to five more in 2014.
Source: Dr. Prashanti Boinapally, Center Director, Eye Level Learning
Writer: Ann Kammerer, Development News Editor

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