Incu-Bake's CrunchGranola adds good works to good food

Holt-based kitchen incubator Incu-Bake has only been in operation since July, but it already has some exciting new businesses popping out of the oven. Christine Stamper’s CrunchGranola is one in particular that is not only baking up some good eats, but also supporting a great cause.
Stamper, her husband and two kids were looking for a reason to get back to their native Michigan after relocating to Baltimore for her husband’s schooling and living in Pittsburg for a year.
“I wanted to find something to do that allowed me to spend time with the kids, and something to give back,” says Stamper. She found the solution in one of her family’s favorite recipes and one of Michigan’s greatest needs.
“I couldn’t believe how much of a hard time so many people were having with hunger,” she says. “I decided to take my granola and create a product that would give back.”
The business model of CrunchGranola is one that many people have told Stamper is crazy. She’s giving 50 percent of her profits from the sale of her all-natural, locally-sourced granola to food banks. She estimates that for every $6 bag of granola she sells creates two meals.
CrunchGranola has been operating out of Incu-bake for one month and Stamper reports remarkable sales in her very first weeks. She plans to continue to grow her operations at Incu-bake and hire two Holt-area employees by the end of the year.
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