$1 million gift allows Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center to look to the future

A $1 million gift has been given to the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center of Michigan State University from an anonymous donor. While the bequest will not be available to the organization until the donor passes away, Deanna Hurlbert , the Director of the center, says the gift will allow them to think further into the future than ever before.

Hurlbert says it was their vision of the future that inspired the donors in the first place. Their goal, she says, is for MSU to "serve as a global hub for issues regarding sexuality and gender identity." The university is already ideally situated to become this hub and this will help attract students,  keep them here longer and also attract some of the best talent in the world.

The gift could potentially be used to support a graduate assistant who could work on research regarding sexual refugees and help international students dealing with identity based issues. It could also fund a doctoral assistant whose goal could be revising the K-12 curriculum and how we view gender identity.

While these are just some of the possibilities, the fact that they can look this far into the future is exciting. "It will allow us to be supportive to generations coming to the university."  

Source: Deanna Hurlbert, Director, LGBT Center
?Writer: Allison Monroe, Innovation News Editor
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