Downtown Lansing, Inc. logo garners national attention for design firm Traction

The Downtown Lansing, Inc. logo has been impressing locals for some time now, but thanks to a recent placement in the national bimonthly visual culture and design magazine PRINT, the design created by Jon Eslinger for the Lansing design firm Traction, it will now be recognized on a much larger scale.
“Any time a national publication recognizes your work as being excellent, it's incredible validation that accompanies the client happiness with our solution to their design problem,” says Camron Gnass, owner of Traction. “This is the third piece we've had recognized nationally this year and it's great to see my team's work get this kind of attention.”

The Downtown Lansing, Inc. design was one of 2,536 pieces submitted to PRINT’s 31st Regional Design Annual issue, and one of 421 featured. Traction was the only mid-Michigan firm represented in the Midwest region.
“I think that there is a standard of design that is appreciated by other designers,” says Gnass, “design that is more than just a pretty picture; design that has depth in its meaning and makes you feel something. Fortunately for us, this design has those qualities.”
Not only is the recognition a boon for Traction, but it also provides an opportunity for the development efforts of Downtown Lansing, Inc. to see some national attention.
Downtown Lansing has been our home for over a decade,” says Gnass. “We've seen what it was and are excited for its future. Anything we can provide that pushes Downtown Lansing up the hill, makes us proud.”
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