Ingham Regional Medical Center upgrades to latest surgical robotic technology

If there’s one procedure worth going out of one’s way to receive the latest in surgical technology, it would be heart surgery. But for patients in the Lansing area, it’s no longer necessary to go out of the way at all. Ingham Regional Medical Center has announced an expansion of its minimally invasive robotic program to include two of the most innovative da Vinci Surgical Systems, as well as a fellowship-trained cardiothoracic and robotic surgeon.

The new surgical system allows surgeons to perform complex procedures through smaller incisions with great precision. That means treatments will become less painful and invasive, making for shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to normal activities.

“Robotic surgery has been around for four or five years now, but there has been a significant improvement in the ability to train physicians on it,” says Dr. Thomas Petroff, vice president of medical affairs at IRMC. “Those things all came together and we were able to recruit someone of Dr. Hassans’ expertise. This allows us to continue our tradition of being an innovator in heart surgery in the area.”

Dr. Hassan, IRMC’s highly-trained surgeon was hired in July and the new equipment arrived about a month ago. IRMC has already begun utilizing the new technology for robotic heart surgery and other procedures.

“Ingham is a very pleased and happy we could provide this service for the community,” says Petroff. “It’s an interesting time in how we practice medicine, and these technologies are exciting for all of us.”
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