CourseWeaver lands funding, launches new Homework System

CourseWeaver , Lansing based provider of innovative learning solutions and a cloud based Homework System, will close on a $4 million round of funding this summer. This round will allow them to begin building the next generation Homework System.

The current Homework System allows instructors of k-12 courses and university educators to sign up and have an entire class ready in minutes. The system, powered by LON-CAPA, features all the tools instructors could need including the most advanced physics and math engine, individualized assessment and cheat-blocking randomized variables, powerful tools for exam creation and administration, and text book material from major publishers.

According to CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Fulk, their goal is to "totally revolutionize k-12  and university education."
With this round of funding they are able to take even more steps toward that goal and create jobs in the Lansing area. They will need 10 engineers over the next two months and will be recruiting locally.

Courseweaver is making things easier for teachers, cheaper for students, and is also radically changing the publishing industry. Fulk says, "It's like the iTunes of education," allowing both teachers and students to only choose and purchase the materials they need rather than entire textbooks.

They already have customers around the globe, are establishing a Canadian presence and Fulk says they are ready for fall.
Source: Rob Fulk, Courseweaver
Writer: Allison Monroe, Innovation News Editor
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