Aaron Lindell and Natalie Nichols

As a couple Aaron Lindell and Natalie Nichols are boho chic personified. By day Natalie works for a human resource outsourcing company. At night she is the fashionable hostess at A2's top eatery Eve. Aaron is a personal chef, sous chef at Schoolcraft College and a sometime DJ. Collecting records is an addiction he acquired over the three years he worked at the now defunct School Kids Records. The couple met while at school at U-M and now live in a funky Old West Side apartment within spitting distance of downtown.

Good food is clearly part and parcel of this young couple's life and so you'd do well to listen to what they recommend. For Aaron that means scoring particular groceries at Mediterranean Market (4019 Stone School Rd), "They have amazing lamb sausage, and they make bread constantly, I actually got them to make me a very specific size and shape loaf once. They carry oils and grains, and are generally reasonably priced." He also likes talking shop with the staff at Morgan and York (1928 Packard St), "I feel like I am talking with someone who has actually tried and thought about the wine or cheese, not someone who has sat in a meeting and been told what to say when asked," Aaron explains. High on his list is the renowned Durham’s Tracklements (212 East Kingsley Street), but their hours can be tricky.

The couple disagrees on their choice cafe destination. No small thing when you're jonesing for caffeine. Natalie prefers Crazy Wisdom (114 South Main St.) for a cup of tea and some quiet time to read. Aaron heads to Zingerman's (422 Detroit St.) for his bean juice. He admits, "Zingerman’s is a decent cup of coffee, but isn’t a good coffee house."

When it comes to seafood, however, the couple comes together in epicurean bliss. Monahan's Seafood (415 N. Fifth Ave) a fish-market-cum-lunch-counter in Kerrytown is their pick. You can pick you a fish out of the case and have it cooked to order on the spot. "You have a lot of control over what you’re eating. And they have really good French fries."

During the summer Aaron recommends eating fresh oysters from Monahan’s then heading next door to Everyday Wines (407 N. Fifth Ave) for a prepackaged lunch (and maybe a bottle) to make an impromptu picnic, "The courtyard in Kerrytown is really quiet, but really any park in Ann Arbor will do, there are like a million perfect parks," adds Natalie. Cap things off with an ice cream cone at Washtenaw Dairy (602 S Ashley St.).

Dinner and drinks can be a fight, although Aaron and Natalie both agree, "Almost anything on Main St. downtown is overrated," says Natalie. Instead Aaron recommends the out of the way Ayse’s Turkish Cafe (1703 Plymouth Rd), "it’s a great value, and her restaurant is spotless." Natalie adds, "We end up at Eve a lot, of course, for drinks, and I usually work Thursday nights, just because I like it."
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