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Coval Fitness & Sports Performance grows staff to 4 in Ann Arbor

Mike Coval doesn't believe personal fitness has a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why his business, Coval Fitness & Sports Performance, treats each customer individually.

That means designing programs to help people lose weight, or gain strength to better compete athletically or build up endurance to overcome illness and injury so they can live an everyday life. It also means the Ann Arbor-based business isn't a sea of cardio and weight machines.

"We are much more specific to the individual and what their goal," Coval says. "We try to make it the Rolls Royce of personal training."

Coval Fitness & Sports Performance has used this philosophy to expand its client base and add staff. The company has hired four people over the last year, that includes a few replacement hires, so the 4-person firm can meet its demand.

Source: Mike Coval, owner of Coval Fitness & Sports Performance
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Tech Brewery's Saagara offers meditative mobile app, aims to hire 20

Saagara is gaining traction, both for its meditative breathing apps and its workforce. So much so that the Tech Brewery-based start-up plans to hire 20 people over the next year.

Saagara, which is Sanskrit for ocean of ideas, focuses on providing a holistic approach to better health, centered around breathing called Pranayama. Its president, Dr. Bobby Peddi, started the company shortly after he left his surgical residency about two years ago. Today it has a host of Internet and mobile phone apps with close to 500 users.

"We're looking to expand rapidly," Dr. Peddi says. "That's it. We have no choice."

Saagara currently employs five people full-time and four part-time, including one worker who is transitioning from part-time to full-time. That's up significantly from the last time we touched base with Saagara a little more than a year ago. Then it employed Dr. Peddi and a half dozen independent contractors and interns.

Dr. Peddi plans to continue to evolve Saagara so it becomes increasingly user friendly for groups. He hopes the meditative app will be picked up by health insurers, schools and hospitals.

"We're going to try and get people to exercise together," Dr. Peddi says.

Source: Dr. Bobby Peddi, founder and president of Saagara
Writer: Jon Zemke

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2 Fitness Articles | Page: