NASA awards EMU researcher top prize in "Create the Future" competition

Though EMU too often lives in the shadow of its Ann Arbor neighbor (aka U-M), it shouldn't be forgotten that there are some awfully smart people innovating and inventing the future on Ypsi's campus.


"The small device, called an iPecs, or Intelligent Prosthetic Endo-Skeletal Component, won in a "Create the Future" design competition sponsored by NASA. The iPecs was an entry in the electronics category, a competitive group that drew more than 900 entries from around the world.

Frank J. Fedel, an assistant professor and research director for the Prosthetic and Orthotics Program at EMU, said that he and his colleagues saw a need to accurately measure their patients' gait, in order to determine what is happening to them and their prosthetic device while walking."

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