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Formed in 2001 by Brian Balasia, Digerati Solutions fills a critical need for businesses in the metro Detroit region. Digerati believes that information technology is merely a set of tools to drive efficiency, quality, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

The company works with clients in a wide range of industry sectors to evaluate business processes, human resources, and technology systems, in turn creating streamlined operations and driving tangible returns. The teams at Digerati are constructed from engineers from a wide range of disciplines, with a specific focus and their own set of expertise.

The company has seen considerable growth over the past five years, and moved its headquarters to Detroit’s Guardian Building in 2005. It currently employs 4 fulltime and 4 part time professionals and attracts over 20 retired engineers as volunteers. Digerati expects growth in the coming year and will ramp up positions as needed. 

500 Griswold - Suite 3400
Detroit, MI 48226
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