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Inteva continues to grow in Troy

Lots of companies like to call themselves global because they have an office in Europe or a sales employee in Asia. Inteva Products likes to call itself a global firm because it employs 11,500 people in 18 countries.

The automotive supplier specializes in everything from interior systems to engineering. It employs 300 people at its Troy headquarters after making a handful of new hires over the last year.

"There have been a number of hirings," says Karen Manardo, global director of marketing & communications for Inteva Products.

Inteva Products spun out of Delphi in 2008. It acquired Arvin Meritor in 2011, a move that essentially doubled its size.

"That was our biggest growth phase," Manardo says.

The company went from $1.2 billion in sales to $2.4 billion. It has since grown quickly, with its revenue edging up to about $2.8 billion.

"We have continued to grow, particularly in China," Manardo says. "That's our biggest growth area."

Source: Karen Manardo, global director of marketing & communications for Inteva Products
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Danlaw adds 30 engineering jobs in Novi

Danlaw has enjoyed a healthy sales increase since the end of the Great Recession, including a significant spike over the last year.

The Novi-based firm specializes in automotive-embedded electronics for network communications, infotainment, and telematics. Much of its recent growth has come from connected-vehicle technology work, which enables a car to communicate to other electronic devices around it.

"It has grown a lot in the last few months," says Tom Rzeznik, president of Danlaw. "Our connected-vehicle division has propelled our growth over the last five years."

That equates to an 80-percent revenue increase for the 30-year-old company between 2012 and 2013. It has hired 30 people in Metro Detroit over the last year, with a vast majority of those new hires being engineers. The firm now employs 150 people in the U.S. and 250 abroad in China and India.

Rzeznik says the company is on pace to do similar numbers in the 2013 to 2014 year, which is why it continues to hire.

"We're looking at significant growth this year as well," Rzeznik says.

Source: Tom Rzeznik, president of Danlaw
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Orion Test Systems hires 6 as it expands globally

Orion Test Systems crossed a major milestone in the last year. The 10-year-old automotive testing company watched its revenue spike 25 percent over the last year, hitting a new plateau.

"We went from $8 million to $10 million," says Bob Rogers, account manager for Orion Test Systems.

The Auburn Hills-based company specializes in advanced engineering services. Specifically, it does life test and end-of-line test systems for electronic and mechatronic devices for customers in a wide range of industries, but a majority of its work is in the automotive sector.

Driving a large part of Orion Test Systems's new growth is its global expansion, finding new clients in Europe and Asia. The company now has 75 employees, 15 of which are based abroad. The firm has also hired six people for its executive team and also for account management, design, and electrical engineering. It also has a couple of job openings now.

"We're going to continue to grow this business," Rogers says. "We want to become a global leader in test equipment."

Source: Bob Rogers, account manager for Orion Test Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Troy-based Seco Tools hires 20 for tech engineering group

Seco Tools is on a bit of a hiring spree as it works to fill out a new custom manufacturing space in Troy.

The Troy-based company specializes in metalcutting work in manufacturing. It recently consolidated an out-of-state facility with a new location in Troy that specializes in specialty manufacturing and testing. The firm has been staffing up the facility for the last year, making 20 hires in its technical engineering group.

"It's really just a skeleton crew. We need to add two more people to bring us up to where we need to be here," says Bob Goulding, tech engineering manager for Seco Tools. "We hope to add another shift next year."

The 35,000-square-foot space near the Automation Alley offices is the result of the company moving some work from a former location in Tennessee last fall. The new facility will do custom manufacturing and testing work when it’s all done.

"We're really just finishing it now," Goulding says.

Source: Bob Goulding, tech engineering manager for Seco Tools
Writer: Jon Zemke

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DornerWorks expands new South Lyon office to 3 people

DornerWorks reinvigorated its Metro Detroit office about two years ago, bringing in a new staff, moving it to South Lyon, and going after a bigger clientele.

DornerWorks is a provider of electronic engineering services for the aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial sectors. The Grand Rapids-based firm’s biggest clients include General Electric and Stryker.

The 14-year-old company’s Metro Detroit customer base was comprised of smaller firms until about 1-2 years ago when a reorganization brought in more, bigger clients.

"We have done some work for Ford, Visteon, and Magna," says Bob Gerber, regional sales director of DornerWorks. "These are all larger automotive companies that are long-term investments."

DornerWorks' South Lyon office, which now has three people, is trying to bring on more Tier One automotive suppliers as customers. It is also looking to hire more engineers to keep up with the new work from large automotive firms.

"We'd like to double that by the end of the year, if not triple it," Gerber says. "We're constantly bidding on those jobs so it’s about hitting the right project."

Source: Bob Gerber, regional sales director of DornerWorks
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Giffels Webster helps communities obtain $3.5M in grant funds

Giffels Webster may have moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit a few years ago, but the civil engineering firm isn’t leaving the rest of Metro Detroit behind.

The 62-year-old firm has helped three suburban communities in Metro Detroit score $3.5 million in grants from the state of Michigan over the last year. Those grants include $2 million for the Macomb County Wastewater Disposal District to complete a wastewater asset management plan, $994,410 for Washington Township to a create a wastewater assessment management plan, and $515,700 for Lyon Township to design the township’s wastewater treatment plant expansion.

"That $3.5 million is more than what we normally get for communities in a year," says Jason Mayer, senior project manager at Giffels Webster.

Giffels Webster employs 69 people, including 22 in its Macomb office and 18 in its Birmingham office. The remainder are in the company's headquarters in downtown Detroit. The firm has hired 18 people over the last year, with a dozen of them working in the offices in Macomb and Oakland counties.

Source: Jason Mayer, senior project manager at Giffels Webster
Writer: Jon Zemke

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BorgWarner expands tech center in Auburn Hills

BorgWarner is expanding its Powertrain Technical Center in Auburn Hills with an investment of up to $11 million.

The Auburn Hills-based automotive supplier is expanding the tech center with the aspiration of improving automotive fuel economy, lowering engine emissions and upping vehicle performance in its products.

The firm expects to create 200 new jobs at the site over the next five years. It currently has 60 open positions for the space, and the company expects to fill the bulk of those jobs within the next three years. The openings can be seen here.

"We believe in the power of collaboration," says Scott Gallett, vice president of marketing & public relations for BorgWarner. "We're going to add new engineers and equipment. It makes sense to put them all under one roof."

BorgWarner already had its Powertrain Technical Center in Auburn Hills, so the expansion of the facility was a logical move, according to Gallett. He says the new space will be able to easily accommodate another 200 employees.

BorgWarner is receiving a $3.2 million grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corp to make this investment in Auburn Hills. The city of Auburn Hills is also offering to provide a property tax abatement.

Source: Scott Gallett, vice president of marketing & public relations for BorgWarner
Writer: Jon Zemke

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RedViking merges with SuperiorControls, hires 48

To say 2013 has been a growth year for RedViking might be a bit of an understatement.

The Plymouth-based testing firm has hired 48 people over the last year. It now has a staff of 190 employees and a handful of interns. Most of its hires were engineers, and it's looking for another 15 people (mostly engineers) now.

"It's been an active year," says Randy Brodzik, president & CEO of RedViking. "And we're still looking for more."

RedViking also recently merged with SuperiorControls, the company that spun out RedViking in 2010. The two firms are roughly the same size, specializing in similar sorts of testing

RedViking designs, builds, installs and supports highly engineered aerospace and ground-vehicle powertrain test systems for large commercial and military organizations. SuperiorControls specializes in designing and building custom machines, software, automation and conveyance systems for manufacturers, primarily in automotive. But at the end of the day, the two companies share more things in common than not.

"When you look at the organization we're a bunch of engineers that like the challenge of new products," Brodzik says.

Source: Randy Brodzik, president & CEO of RedViking
Writer: Jon Zemke

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RedViking focuses on insourcing engineering work to Plymouth

RedViking has a mission to bring high-end engineering work back to the U.S., and it's accomplishing that by creating more jobs in Plymouth.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Controls has been working to build out turn-key capital equipment that performs testing on powertrain systems. It designs and builds highly engineered testing systems primarily for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

"This work has been outsourced to other countries, primarily Europe," says Greg Cameron, vice president of sales for RedViking.

That has worked in the company's first five years. It now employs 110 people, including 80 in Plymouth. It has hired 10 people over the last year and has another 10 open positions right now. The company's main operations are in Plymouth but it also has a Research Triangle Engineering Center in North Carolina, along with a bevy of other remote offices across the U.S. It recently opened a new office in Texas last month.

"We probably could have hired more if we could find them," Cameron says. "Engineering talent is surprisingly hard to find lately."

Source: Greg Cameron, vice president of sales for RedViking
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Preh looks to open engineering center in Novi this year

The U.S. arm of Preh, a historically German automotive supplier, plans to open a development center that will handle engineering work in Novi later this year, a move that is expected to result in more than a dozen new jobs.

"That's going to result in a lot of growth going forward," says Kirk Radford, a spokesperson for Preh who handles human resources for the Novi office. "The projection is to add 15 employees by the end of 2013."

Preh opened its North American office in Metro Detroit in 2004 and has grown it to 32 employees and one intern. It hired seven people in 2012. Those staffers range from sales managers to engineers. The new hires are expected to be mainly engineers in the software and mechanical sectors.

Preh specializes in automotive electronic driver control systems and sensors. It was started in Germany in the early 20th Century and has grown to more than 3,000 employees worldwide today. It is now owned by Joyson Group of Ningbo, China, but remain headquartered in Germany.

Source: Kirk Radford, a spokesperson for Preh
Writer: Jon Zemke

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SuperiorControls hires 60 people, has 12 openings now

SuperiorControls isn't hiring just a few people. It's hiring a lot of people. The advanced engineering company has added 60 people to its ranks, mostly engineers and project managers. It has 12 open positions right now.

The Plymouth-based company specializes in engineering for manufacturers and helps streamline their processes. To help push that envelope further, SuperiorControls, has installed an Inductive Power Transfer test track. The test track allows manufacturing engineers and managers to see this asynchronous, flexible conveyance technology in action.

"It's the only test track like it in North America," says Rod Emery, vice president of SuperiorControls.

Also helping drive the 30-year-old company's growth is the diversification of its client base. The firm has its roots in servicing the automotive industry, but has worked to find more clients in different industries. Some of those industries include aerospace, defense, food processing and pharmaceuticals. Automotive now makes up 15 percent of Superior Controls workload.

"We have seen a lot of growth and development in those areas," Emery says.

Source: Rod Emery, vice president of SuperiorControls
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Kors Engineering expands, diversifies in Waterford

Kors Engineering is experiencing a good bit of growth in Waterford thanks to a new partnership with Plex Systems and diversification of its client base.

The 35-year-old business specializes on systems integration and automation for manufacturers and other industrial facilities. It focused more on facilities before this last year when it started to focus more on integrating manufacturing equipment to the SAAS-based ERP system employed by Auburn Hills-based Plex Systems.

"It has provided new growth opportunities," says Tony Kaczmarek, president of Kors Engineering.

That has prompted Kors Engineering to ramp up its operations and cross-train its employees to handle the increased workload. The firm is now looking at adding a couple of controls engineers to its staff of 12 people. It's also looking to add an intern or two in 2013.

Kaczmarek sees his company continuing to grow the manufacturing-integration-side of the business in 2013. It is looking at expanding further into Plex Systems' diverse customer base, such as adding food manufacturers.

"We're adapting into that product side," Kaczmarek says.

Source: Tony Kaczmarek, president of Kors Engineering
Writer: Jon Zemke

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OpTech hires 100 as it continues to grow in Troy

Troy-based OpTech is starting to grow both at home in Metro Detroit and more so across the U.S.

The software firm has recently opened up a new office in Denver that will join its satellite offices in Washington, D.C., and Hawaii. That goes along with OpTech's overall growth. The 13-year-old firm has hired about 100 people over the last year, expanding its workforce to 200 people and the occasional intern.

"We just hired our marketing intern," says Scott Goodwin, COO of OpTech. He adds that his firm is actively trying to keep more talent in Metro Detroit through hiring young people, such as the former intern who just graduated from Walsh College.

OpTech creates software that helps improve productivity that makes the back-end processes and other technical aspects more efficient. The company got its start providing these services to the automotive industry and now has clients in the financial sector and federal government. The new Denver office helps support new clients in the gas-and-oil industry and telecommunications sector.

"We continue to grow and be profitable in all of these areas," Goodwin says. He adds that "We're really trying to broaden our base of customers."

Source: Scott Goodwin, COO of OpTech
Writer: Jon Zemke

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DEP & Autoline Industries USA invest $2.5M in new Troy HQ

Detroit Engineered Products and Autoline Industries USA are opening a new corporate world headquarters in Troy this week.

The two automotive suppliers, the U.S. arms of Indian corporations, are moving into a new office space that is three times as big as their previous home and comes with an investment price tag of $2.5 million. That's thanks to all of the growth the firms have experienced. Autoline Industries USA has hired 10 people over the last year and has two more job openings for engineers. Detroit Engineered Products has hired 70 people in Michigan over the last year.

"We have built our business (Autoline Industries USA) from $7 million to $60 million now," says Sri Bramadesam, president of Autoline Industries USA and vice president of Detroit Engineered Products.

Most of the work is automotive related and coming from the domestic automakers. The companies chose to stay and keep growing in Troy because they have set down significant roots here since they formed in 2007.

"We have been in Troy for years now," Bramadesam says. "A lot of our employees have bought homes here."

Source: Sri Bramadesam, president of Autoline Industries USA and vice president of Detroit Engineered Products
Writer: Jon Zemke

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