Greater Midland partners with Bike Midland to offer free bike share membership

Non-profit community organization Greater Midland has partnered with Bike Midland in order to spread awareness of Midland's bike share program, which debuted in 2017.

A one-day Spring Membership Special has been announced for Thursday, March 22, where applicants receive half-off the joining fees for Greater Midland, which includes access to the Greater Midland Community Center, North-End Fitness Center, and Tennis Center, as well as a free one-year membership to the Bike Midland program.

"What we found as an organization is that we're looking to see how we can help move that needle in getting people active and engaged outdoors," says Cally Taylor, Member Relations Director for Greater Midland.

Bike Midland debuted in 2017, thanks to Momentum Midland, a downtown investment initiative. Seven bicycle docks are spread across the region, and riders either pay by the hour or sign up for an annual membership. The Bike Midland season will start again this spring.

While one of Greater Midland's goals is to get people in Midland County more active, it's also to increase awareness for other local organizations, as well. Taylor says that partnerships occur every spring and fall. Last year, the non-profit partnered with Midland Center for the Arts, and this spring the organization is partnering with Bike Midland. The partnership for later this fall is still being considered.

"Midland is a special town in a special area that has organizations that help each other out all the time," says Taylor. "It separates us from other cities. We love to help each other out, and especially in the non-profit world."

Visit Greater Midland online to learn more about the Spring Membership Special, Bike Midland and other membership options.

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