Q&A with Lou E Loon, Midland's favorite bird

What’s green and gray and wears big red pants and the favorite hometown jersey? You guessed it, this week we sat down with the Midland’s very own Lou E Loon to see what his dream job is, his ballpark go to and visiting previous players in the off season.

Q: As Midland’s most visible character, what’s the question he gets asked the most?

A: Lou E gets asked “Can you fly?” probably more than anything else. Unfortunately, Lou E can’t fly because his stomach is just too big!

Q: What is sis favorite league rival to play?

A: Lou E’s favorite rival is the Lansing Lugnuts, as they always make for a good game. The Lugnut’s mascot, Big Lug, is one of Lou E’s best friends and he loves when Lug comes to his birthday party!

Q: Any girl mascot’s he has his eye on?

A: Don’t tell, but Lou E’s secret crush is on Roxy the River Rascal, the mascot from the West Michigan Whitecaps!

Q: What is his favorite ballpark meal?

A: Lou E’s favorite ballpark meal is the Rall E. Challenge at the Build-A-Burger portable! He loves the GMO and organic beef and that it is named after his best friend! His favorite thing besides cheering on the team is to enjoy a great ballpark burger.

Q: What is the game, night or event he is looking forward to the most this year?

A: Lou E loves every night at Dow Diamond! Some of the best ones this year will be Comic-Con Night, where Lou E will have a comic made after him, Lou E’s Big Top Loontacular where Lou E gets to run a circus at the park! Another special night is Great Lakes Camels! This night is a night for Rall E to try to be Lou E!

Q: He has got to take a few swings from time to time, so what’s his batting average?

A: Lou E’s batting average is 1.000! Working with the team’s hitting coach, Jair Fernandez has really helped Lou E have a great season! And just last year, Lou E won the Midwest League Mascot All Star Home Run Derby with 38 homeruns!

Q: What would he be doing if he wasn’t a mascot?

A: Lou E would be an LA Dodger if he wasn’t a mascot! He loves his job but would love to play first base for the greatest team in the Major Leagues.

Q: Does he have a favorite Loon player?

A: Lou E loves all the players on this year’s roster, and cheers them on accordingly! If he had to pick a former Loon player that is his favorite, it would be Clayton Kershaw. Clayton still writes to Lou E often and fly’s him out to California for the off season and some “Lou E” time.

Q: Does he have a favorite position to watch on the field?

A: Lou E’s favorite position to watch on the field is all of them!
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