Can-Do Kitchen staff grows by one employee

There's a new face at the Can-Do Kitchen

In July, the Can-Do Kitchen staff grew from two to three with the addition of a new Facility and Volunteer Coordinator. 

Susma Mahato, who has accepted the position, comes from a background of helping and empowering at-risk mothers, children, young women, and seniors. She has worked with them in Nepal, India, Northern Michigan, and Texas. 

Mahato moved to the United States from Nepal when she was 19. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Rehndon College, Kathmandu, Nepal. Susma is pursuing her Master's in Public Administration at Western Michigan University, with the goal of obtaining her doctorate and working to eliminate classism, racism, and sexism in Kalamazoo.

As Facility and Volunteer Coordinator, Mahato coordinates the kitchen schedule, orients new members, connects them to resources, and coordinates volunteers for the Night Market. 

Mahato joins Lucy Dilley and Sheena Foster in their work with food entrepreneurs, supporting them as they create viable businesses. 

“We are excited for Susma to integrate her love of photography, her warm personality, and social media prowess to the Can-Do Kitchen!” says Dilley.

Mahato says she wanted to work at the Can-Do Kitchen because “ I love Can-Do Kitchen’s goal and mission to remove barriers to the food business, and they are passionate about reaching out to marginalized groups in Kalamazoo."

Source: Can-Do Kitchen

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