Escape room games are now in downtown Kalamazoo

In December Second Wave reported the escape room phenomenon has come to Kalamazoo. hat story focused on Escapology in Portage, one of 27 escape rooms now found across Michigan.

Now we're taking a closer look at The Final Clue in downtown Kalamazoo. Owner Joel Fluty, owner says that every room is an adventure. When you visit escape rooms you get to work as a team with friends or family to solve puzzles and clues in order to escape before time runs out. 

Fluty says every game at The Final Clue offers an original theme and storyline that will  provide you with an in-depth immersive experience. "Each room is professionally designed, from the schematics to the props. Great care was taken to ensure each player has an opportunity to contribute to their team.”

The decision to open The Final Clue grew out of Fluty's and his wife's fascination with the escapes they had been on. "My wife and I enjoyed visiting both EpIQ Escapes in Jackson and Escapeology in Portage, and after that, we were hooked. I felt that downtown Kalamazoo would be a great location to open my own escape room business.”

The Final Clue opened Dec. 2. It's within walking distance of Kalamazoo’s popular downtown breweries and businesses. As Fluty says: "As you drive up Kalamazoo Avenue, you can’t help but notice the beautiful Kalamazoo sign and fountains that welcomes you to downtown Kalamazoo. Turn your head to the right and you can’t help but notice Kalamazoo’s newest entertainment business, The Final Clue.

All college students and retired or active military receive 30 percent off the regular price of $25 per person. "We will also occasionally run promotions and will work individually with businesses to provide for their team building goals.”

A cross-promotion with many of local businesses is in the works and will be available by Feb. 1, Fluty says. The way the promotion will work is that patrons will be able to obtain and use a punch card. Spend $5 or more at each participating business and when the card is full, your booking for four or more players is $25 off (so one gamer plays for free). 

The Rooms

The Firestarter. An unknown serial arsonist is targeting colleges and now he has his sights set on Kalamazoo. You are on campus when lockdown procedures are initiated. With only 60 minutes, you must disrupt his plan, master his riddles and solve the final clue to escape. Kalamazoo’s very own Mayor Bobby Hopewell is featured delivering a message from the mayor's office in this room. 

Widget Wars. This game is designed for head-to-head competition between two teams. Your ACME Development Team created the new super widget, which is certain to revolutionize the industry. The widget and patent have been stolen. Can you get it back in time to save the future of your company and your team?  This game is also transportable – we bring this game to your business for team building, parties and any fun event (it can accommodate up to 60 players).

The Playroom. The evil troll has invaded the playroom and stolen your childhood imagination. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and clues in time to get it back? This room is currently under construction.

Royal Blood. The castle holds many mysteries; one of them is the royal bloodline. A pious sect is attempting to lay claim to the throne. Can you unveil the secrets of the Royal Blood before they unrightfully seize power? This room is coming soon.

"We are excited to be one Kalamazoo’s newest businesses," Fluty says, "and we hope you will come try your luck. Do you think you can solve The Final Clue?”

Source: Joel Fluty, The Final Clue
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