Kalamazoo real estate investor to show America how he takes houses from 'Gritty to Pretty'

A television pilot featuring Kalamazoo real estate investor Jeremy Cole and local production company IMEEDIA will air Saturday, Feb. 10 on the DIY Network. 

"From Gritty to Pretty" highlights  Cole’s real estate investment projects, where he works to find the worst houses on the market to transform them.

Jeremy Cole bought his first property at 19 years old and has been actively purchasing and renovating properties for more than a decade. He currently owns 16 rental properties around Kalamazoo County, taking the homes that no one would want and making them into something the community can be proud of. 

Jeremy began filming some of his projects with IMEEDIA, and IMEEDIA posted them on their YouTube channel for their viewers. The videos and Cole’s endeavors caught the eye of Arcadius Productions, a Detroit-based company. It approached Cole and IMEEDIA for a television show development deal in February 2017. 

Their work was featured by Southwest Michigan's Second Wave here and here

In a press release, IMEEDIA and Rebuilt Incorporated say they are excited for “Gritty to Pretty” to showcase the best of what Kalamazoo has to offer – a great community and great opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

IMEEDIA founder and CEO, Stanley Steppes, says that his production company “strives to give a lens on what’s possible, to move people forward.”  

Rebuilt Incorporated and IMEEDIA are two companies based in Kalamazoo. Both led by Kalamazoo natives and African American entrepreneurs, this collaboration highlights the best of underrepresented communities working together to create dynamic, economic development opportunities, the collaborators say.

Jeremy Cole of Rebuilt Incorporated, and Stanley Steppes of IMEEDIA, both independently left their careers in finance to create new career and business opportunities for themselves and others. Both companies strive to employ and network individuals from underrepresented communities, as well as youth, to create a new narrative on what is possible for those that have a dream.

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