Physicians create Borgess Vascular Institute to care for those with vascular diseases

At Southwest Michigan's first and only vascular center doctors have experience replacing an entire aorta. 

Advanced Vascular Surgery, The Surgical Group of Southwest Michigan, Borgess Cardiology Group, Borgess Heart Center for Excellence, and Premier Radiology are now part of Borgess Vascular Institute

Borgess Vascular Institute offers preventive care, coronary angioplasty, open surgery and rehabilitation. It uses a multidisciplinary approach to managing peripheral vascular disease.

Borgess Vascular Institute provides care for the following common vascular diseases and more: Care of Lower Extremities and Limb Preservation; Stroke Prevention; Aneurysm and Dissection; Ischemic Bowel; Hypertension Management; Venous (leg ulcers, edema in legs, skin discoloration of the legs, deep venous thrombosis); Intestinal Ischemia; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; Raynaud’s Disease.

Two of the doctors now affiliated with the Borgess Vascular Institute performed a total aortic arch debranching and Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR) in March 2014. 

Borgess reports that Lonnie Bragg first noticed the pains in his chest in 2009 while at home. His wife, Sue, called an ambulance, and Bragg was brought to Borgess Medical Center, where two aneurysms were discovered, including one in the groin area.

He was treated and went home a week later, but returned to Borgess a few years later, where he received a new and unique vascular procedure. Bragg’s entire aorta was replaced during the TEVAR procedure. 

Dr. Syed Alam and Dr. Jerry Pratt  along with numerous other Borgess Health physicians, are now combining their talents to create the region’s first and only vascular center.

“In the past, patients like Lonnie might have been forced to seek their care elsewhere in Michigan or in other parts of the country,” says Dr. Jain. “Borgess Vascular Institute now gives them the most exclusive and latest medical care they need right here in Kalamazoo.”

Source: Borgess
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