Emily Deering
Music Hop

Music Hop opens spaces for musicians in downtown Kalamazoo

Binder Park Zoo

Dogs and big cats on their way to the Binder Park Zoo

Markin Glen

Mountain bikers get to work in Markin Glen

Lazy Ballerina

St. Joseph gets new winery on State Street

Pop-up bike lanes

Bicyclists give the pop up bike lane a trial

beer businesses
Community Forest
Barn Storming

The return of the Barnstormers

Saugatuck Brewing celbrates 10 years

Happy birthday to Saugatuck Brewing Company

The Food Aisle at the Festival Site
Marmalade Boutique

Marmalade Boutique open for business in Sawyer

State Theater

Hidden Kalamazoo Tour features buildings in use

Couple viewsFlower Art
Rebekah Kik, Kalamazoo City Planner

Cyclists say: Give us a lane

Canadian Lynx

Binder Park Zoo welcomes Casey and Carla, two Canada lynx

Naming beers
Island Festival

Taste of Kalamazoo, Island Fest change hands