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New restaurant prepped to open in Marquette

It looks like there's about to be a new place in Marquette for the foodies, tourists, and hungry Yoopers to hit -- the Iron Bay Restaurant & Drinkery.

If you're from the area or do much dining around Marquette, you'll recognize the location as the longtime home for L'Attitudes, which closed up shop last year to make way for Iron Bay.

Thankfully, it sounds like tastebuds won't be disappointed in the new kid on the block, because top-notch hamburgers, sandwiches, baked goods, and dinner plates.

And don't you worry your little head about desserts. Iron Bay will be featuring a nice selection of pies from Lorri Smith, who is the owner and baker at Peace Pie Company in Marquette.

The new restaurant is slated to open to the public May 22 -- just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend tourism surge.

If you're thirsty, have no fear -- bar manager Brandon Maki is ready to mix up concoctions for your enjoyment. One such drink is the signature Amaretto Flip, which is a sweet and sour drink made with amaretto, fresh lemon juice, simply syrup, orange bitters and egg white. That is just one of many signature drinks and old standbys available at Iron Bay's bar.
Additionally, there will be a coffee bar inside Iron Bay, which will feature all the coffee drinks folks have come to know and become slightly addicted to.

Iron Bay is owned by Joe Constance and ill Hayes and will be open seven days a week from 11 am. to 11 p.m.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Vinyl Destination opens in Ishpeming's Gossard Building

Looking for a place to find that special record or CD that you've been yearning to have? Well, take a trip down to Vinyl Destination in Ishpeming and you're quite possibly going to find what you're looking for.

The new record shop, which is located in the Gossard Building at 308 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 110, carries a wide variety of eclectic music options ranging from records to 45s to cassettes, DVDs and more.

Don't worry if you don't have a player to listen to that crackling vinyl on -- the store also has turntables for sale for those looking to get into the resurging world of vinyl music.

They are closed Sunday and Monday, but open from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on stock they get in, or to reach out and inquire about a specific item you're looking for.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

New men-focused salons open in Marquette and Escanaba

If you're a fellow looking to get his hair cut in either Marquette or Escanaba, your options aren't limited to just the typical barber shops and salons anymore.

In Marquette, you can stop in at the Guy's Place on US 41, in the same shopping center that includes Starbucks and GameStop. In Escanaba, head over to US 2 and stop at the Man Cave, located right next to the Thai Express.

The Man Cave, which touts itself as a "hair & beard parlor", is open Tuesday through Sunday starting at 10 a.m. except for the noon opening on Sunday. Services include "hand-crafted" haircuts and beard trims and washing/conditioning, as well as scalp treatments, nail treatments, hair coloring, and hair removal.

Similar services are available at the Guy's Place. When you get a haircut there, you not only get the haircut, but also shampooing and conditioning, hot towel treatments, eyebrow and mustache trims, neck trim, and, of course, a shoulder massage. Oh, and you get to watch your own personal television during the cut, too. Other services include grey blending, waxing, and beard trims. While you're waiting, you can shuck shelled peanuts to snack on, read the local newspaper, or watch television.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Old School Arcade offers classic experience in Gwinn

Remember the days of loading quarter after quarter into that game at the local arcade, pushing yourself to beat that big, bad boss or make it to the next level? How about the pinball machines as the lights and sounds try to distract you from earning that free game or breaking the high score?

Well, you can relive those days in the Old School Arcade, located on M-35 in Gwinn, right next to Video World in Gwinn and across from the high school (Go Modeltowners!).

There, you can play classic arcade games or try your hand at numerous pinball machines. You can play shooters like "Area 51" or a hack/slash game like "Altered Beast." Racing games, basketball, fighting games, and even a game where you can jockey a horse await you.

And don't worry -- in classic arcade style, you can use your quarters to snag some soda or a snack out of the vending machine, too.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

New gastropub opens up shop in downtown Marquette

There's a new hotspot in downtown Marquette, named DIGS. The gastropub takes its name from its owners, Double Trouble Entertainment's Bill and Pat Digneit and Alyssa Pilot.

It's located in the former Doghouse pub and is enlivening the 100 block of Washington Street with live music, parties, and good food and drinks, as of early March.

DIGS serves up burgers and other pub fare for lunch and dinner, but with a foodie influence, like the Eisenhower burger, which uses black ale batter, thick-cut bacon, soda-pop barbecue sauce and sharp cheddar cheese, or their poutine, made with house-smoked beef brisket, wild mushroom ragout and Wisconsin cheese curds. The chef is Andrew Sear, known locally for creative menu items and tasty food.

It's open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week and is located at 154 West Washington in Marquette. So far, the reviews seem good, so let us know if you've checked it out!

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Help a movie filmed in the U.P. become reality

This spring brings exciting news for Michigan-made independent films, as the feature film "Nowhere, Michigan" comes out.
Directed by Iron Mountain native Robert Vornkahl, the film was set in a small Upper Peninsula town and shot partially in Iron Mountain and the surrounding area last year. Now, the filmmakers are seeking help with Kickstarter crowdfunding to finish up the post-production work and get a good foundation for distribution and launch onto the festival circuit.

A new trailer for the film is up online from BVB Films, its production company, and teases the story of a young man fleeing from the scene of a murder, ending up as far north as he can get, in the U.P., where he starts to find connections and a new life. It stars Tequan Richmond (General Hospital, Everybody Hates Chris) in the lead role, with Jenna Boyd (The Missing), Christina Scherer (The Intern), Richard Riehle (Office Space), and Ashlie Atkinson (Us & Them).

The Kickstarter has a few more weeks to go and is aiming for a goal of $20,000.

Writer: Kim Eggleston

Delft Bistro offers up a fine selection for diners in Marquette

If you're looking for the next great culinary adventure in Marquette, then you may just want to head to the flashing marquee downtown and take a stop at the Delft Bistro.

The bistro, which is located in the old Delft Theater on West Washington Street, is owned and operated by the same folks who have turned Doncker's into one of Marquette's prized dining establishments. The bistro, from early reviews, may just join it as customers have been raving about the food being served there.

Executive chef Michael Prahl has crafted together a fun menu that includes appetizers like poutine, steak tartare, both meat and cheese plates, and even octopus. The entrees range from a double burger to fish to lamb, steak, and even chicken confit. There are, of course, salads and soups as well, and always some tasty desserts.

The specials -- both food and drink -- are always being revised, and the menu is small enough, yet eclectic enough, to fit just about any eater's appetite and makes it easy to pick something to enjoy for dinner.

For more information about the Delft Bistro, you can follow their Facebook page here, or head over to Yelp to make your reservations.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Tracey's brings another level of dining to Munising

Marquette is not the only place providing amazing plates for the foodies of the Upper Peninsula. If you haven't had a chance to head to Munising recently, then here's your new reason to make the trek sooner than later: Tracey's.

This restaurant, located at the Roam Inn that is owned and operated by Tom and Ana Dolaskie and Dallas-based business partner Darrin Hubbard, has something for every palate, and the dishes are sure to please.

On the starter menu, such tastes as crab-stuffed mushrooms, crispy pork belly and masala fingerlings await, while the main dishes include scrumptious selections like fennel dusted pork chops, potato chip encrusted whitefish, mushroom risotto and much more. Plus there are specials crafted by Chef Jason Biega that are enough to knock your culinary socks off.

And while there are some great selections in Munising when you're choosing a location to dine at, Tracey's has set itself a head above the rest in terms of a fine dining experience, complete with five-star ratings across the board on Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Opentable.

You can check them out on Facebook, but make sure to call ahead for a reservation, especially if celebrating during the holidays. There's no sign that Tracey's is going to be anything but a full house for quite some time to come.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Black Ice Comics is here to save the day in Houghton

When it comes to comic books in the Upper Peninsula, the selection on places you can go to pick up new and back issues is quite slim. In Marquette there are a few places like the Game-Well and Taiga Comics, as well as a small selection at Bookworld. Outside of that, the landscape becomes rather barren for comic lovers.

Well, that is unless you're in Houghton where Black Ice Comics has settled in and brought light to the darkness of comic lovers throughout Houghton County and beyond.

Black Ice Comics is located at 403 East Lakeshore Drive. It's a bit of a secret hideout location, though, as it is located under Swift Hardware and below the parking deck. It's easy to spot when you get close though.

Inside you will have no problem finding what you're looking for. From fresh new comics every Wednesday to back issues for those looking to fill in their collection, Black Ice has what you're looking for. Not into floppies but want to read collected editions? No problem. Like the comic-related merchandise? They've got you covered? Enjoy comic-themed events? Just check out the shop and their Facebook page to keep up to date on their next cool party.

They even offer a discount for those who are looking to get a comic on a regular schedule, also known as a "pull" of a certain title.

Oh, and if they don't have what you're looking for? Just ask. They're known for helping track down those comics that readers are eager to get their hands on.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Jasmine Restaurant opens on U.S. 41 in Marquette

If you're a fan of Asian cuisine and you're in Marquette, your options have expanded thanks to the opening of the Jasmine Restaurant on US 41.

The location is a familiar one to Chinese food fans as Jasmine replaces the former Great Hunan, which closed after a kitchen fire. The owners of Jasmine signed a lease with the restaurant a few months ago and recently opened their doors for business.

The restaurant is in good hands if you're a fan of either the Thai House on Third Street or the Teriyaki Bowl on US 41 as all three restaurants are owned and operated by the same folks. Of course, each has their own specialties to offer, and Jasmine is no different.

From whole fried or steamed fish to crispy pork belly to soups, salads and everything in between, there's really something for everyone, including those who prefer vegan options.

The restaurant, like the Thai House and Teriyaki Bowl, does offer online ordering for those looking to just swing in and pick something up to go. You can get more information, as well as a look at their complete menu, by visiting their website.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Jasmine Restaurant

Loft apartments open in downtown Marquette

A historic building in downtown Marquette is remodeled and reopen with new tenants and loft apartments.

The Lofts is the new name of the housing spaces available at The Motors Buildings at 333 West Washington Street in Marquette, owned by Christine Pesola. The former Upper Michigan Motor Corp. building has in the past been home to retail shops of various types, and is currently also occupied on the ground floor by the RG Design Company.

The Lofts and RG Design, in fact, held an open house with the Lake Superior Community Partnership to welcome the public to see the new renovations at the end of 2016, and rentals are now open to those interested in a downtown Marquette loft-style apartment.

Pesola told TV6 that there are a total of six lofts, with some already rented. They feature brick walls, high ceilings, exposed beams and pipes, along with covered parking spaces for tenants.

RG Design is operated by Dax Richer and Jason Gauthier and has an office and showroom in the building, focusing on the company's architecture, interior design, kitchen and bathroom offerings.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Lake Superior Community Partnership

Delft Bistro transforms old marquee in downtown Marquette

The historic Delft Theater on Washington Street in downtown Marquette has been a mainstay of the town's culture for decades, but usually as a movie theater.

Under renovation since its last theater tenant left in 2012, it's now re-opened as a cozy, upscale restaurant, with cheery messages returning to the familiar lights of its marquee out front, called the Delft Bistro.

Owned by Tom Vear and Jennifer Ray, also owners of the next-door downtown success story that is Donckers' candy shop and restaurant, the Delft Bistro's menu is described as "modern American." It features both local-inspired dishes like poutine and rainbow trout, as well as selections that might not be out of place at a top urban restaurant, like steak tartare or seared duck breast.

Features inside the renovated space include a loft dining area using the theater's former balcony, and repurposed materials from the old Delft Theater. And the history of film hasn't been left behind; various movies are played with dinner each night (the restaurant is open from 4-11 p.m. each evening except Mondays.)

Funding for the renovation came partially from a Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Community Development Block Grant of about $480,000 in 2014, with Vear and Ray's commitment to add at least 25 new jobs to downtown when the place was open. (They say now that hiring has taken place, it's now more like 35.)

The Delft Bistro also hosts private events for up to 200 guests. It's located at 139 W. Washington Street in Marquette.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: The Delft Bistro


Spend your loose change at the Vender Bender in Marquette

Looking for a place to spend your loose pocket change in Marquette? Well, head on over to Presque Isle Avenue and the Vender Bender.

The little location, which can be found near Jean Kay's Pasties at 1741 Presque Isle Ave., has an old-school arcade vibe about it, with games and vending machines, all waiting to become home to your quarters.

There is a nice variety of games available for those looking to get out of the house but still want their video game fix. But there's more than screen-based games at the entertainment center. There are also those lovely claw machines, as well as vending for snacks and sodas, among other things.

Stop on in and check it out if you're looking to spend some of your free time and you've got some quarters rattling around in your car's ashtray.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Upper Hand distribution soon to reach Minnesota

Our neighbors to the west who are known for their multitudes of lakes are about to get a little present directly from the Upper Peninsula -- some damn good brews.

Upper Hand Brewery is based in Escanaba and owned by Larry Bell, who is known for owning down-state Bell's Brewery. Currently, Upper Hand Brewery is distributing throughout the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin, but plans are in place to expand the reach of their product to Minnesota.

The entire Upper Hand beer lineup will be made available for shops, bars, and restaurants to order in the North Star State. That lineup includes four year-round beers as well as seasonal and specialty offerings.

“As we expand Upper Hand’s presence, it’s important for us to find the right distributor partners who share our values and dedication to providing good beer where it’s meant to be enjoyed. Upper Hand beers are only available throughout the north, and Minnesota is the perfect addition to our distribution footprint,” says Bell.

Writer: Sam Eggleston

Jim's Music in Marquette set to move in April

Don't worry about losing a place to get your instruments and music lessons, Marquette -- Jim's Music may be departing their Marquette Mall location, but they're making the move to Third Street for a new home.

Jim's will be a welcome sight on the Third Street corridor since McDonald's Music sadly closed in 2016. They'll be moving to 1212 North Third Street, the former home of Johnson's Shoes. There, Jim's Music will continue to offer up music lessons and a wide variety of new and used instruments.

Anyone who has visited Jim's Music in the Marquette Mall knows they were running out of room in their current location. At the new Third Street location, they'll be able to expand their offerings and selection.

The Marquette location for Jim's Music is managed by Jeff Krebs.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
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