Old School Arcade offers classic experience in Gwinn

Remember the days of loading quarter after quarter into that game at the local arcade, pushing yourself to beat that big, bad boss or make it to the next level? How about the pinball machines as the lights and sounds try to distract you from earning that free game or breaking the high score?

Well, you can relive those days in the Old School Arcade, located on M-35 in Gwinn, right next to Video World in Gwinn and across from the high school (Go Modeltowners!).

There, you can play classic arcade games or try your hand at numerous pinball machines. You can play shooters like "Area 51" or a hack/slash game like "Altered Beast." Racing games, basketball, fighting games, and even a game where you can jockey a horse await you.

And don't worry -- in classic arcade style, you can use your quarters to snag some soda or a snack out of the vending machine, too.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
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