Retro Station rollerskating rink opens in Escanaba

If you thought rollerskating was a thing of the past, you were wrong, because a new roller rink is now open in Escanaba. It joins Skate Boulevard in Iron Mountain in what seems like it might be a roller rink revival.

The Retro Station rollerskating rink is on North Lincoln Road in Escanaba, in the former American Legion building, and opened up just after Christmas. It's had good crowds so far, and has welcomed patrons of all age groups, from toddlers to baby boomers reliving their youth.

Retro Station manager Chrissy Hayward says the turnout has been great, and the rink has seen a lot of families trying out rollerskating on an old-school rink.

"People are having a great time -- It's wonderful," she says. "It's good for families, you know, to get out, get away from the video games and TV and have something to do."

The rink charges $4 for admission and $1 for skate rentals, but you also can bring your own. Hours vary depending on the season, but schedules are posted on the rink's Facebook page.

Some nights, the Retro Station hosts a live country band and open mic stage, and also offers late-night skating on Saturday and party rates for children, as well as concessions and arcade games.

The family-owned and operated roller rink is small right now, but there's already talk of starting a roller derby chapter in Escanaba, perhaps to skate on the bigger rink the owners plan to open later in 2011.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Chrissy Hayward, Retro Station

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