U.P. author releases new book

Marquette author Tyler Tichelaar has a new book out in his King Arthur-inspired fantasy series, The Children of Arthur.

It's the second book in the series and is titled Melusine's Gift. It's based on historical accounts and legends regarding Melusine of Lusignan, a much-debated figure--sometimes a fairy, sometimes a mermaid--in European mythology, from whom several royal families in Europe claim to be descended.

"As for the connections to royalty, the whole premise of my Children of Arthur series is that King Arthur's descendants live among us today. I believe Melusine played a key role in that lineage," says Tichelaar of his theme.

Melusine's Gift traces the mystery of Melusine to possible ties to Avalon and King Arthur, as the thesis of each book in the series does, through the eyes of a modern American who is hunting for answers to his own past and the prophecy of King Arthur's return.

Tichelaar is the author of many historical fiction novels, including The Best Place and Narrow Lives. His books, including Melusine's Gift, are available at U.P. bookstores and online, as well as in e-book form

Writer: Kim Eggleston
Source: Tyler Tichelaar/Marquette Fiction
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