Cardamom to bring Indian fusion to Plymouth Rd

Binod Dhakal is no stranger to food. He started working in the food industry as a waiter back in 1995, and his love of people and food has helped him rise through the ranks. After managing Shalimar for more than 13 years, Dhakal is now opening his own restaurant, Cardamom, with a unique take on Indian food. 
"We are offering something that is missing in the Indian restaurants here," says Dhakal. "We're creating something different – new dishes from different parts of India."
The 1,700 square foot Plymouth Rd. location is now under renovation. Once complete, Cardamom will serve its fusion of modern and traditional Indian cuisine to up to 65 diners inside and 36 on the patio. 
Dhakal chose his location at the Plymouth Road Shops because of its proximity to campus, the hospital and so many other large employers. He says he's most looking forward to interacting with his new customers and serving them his unique foods.
"It's always what I eventually wanted to do," Dhakal says. "I enjoy doing it because I enjoy food and I love people. That's why I'm in the food business."
The menu is still under development, but Dhakal knows he will feature goat in some items. He plans to open Cardamom in April and to employ a staff of about seven. 

Source: Binod Dhakal, Cardamom
Writer: Natalie Burg
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