Tony Hawk to celebrate opening of Ann Arbor Skatepark

Having Tony hawkshow up to christen your community's new skatepark is a pretty big damn deal - as Dave Askins, co-founder of the The Ann Arbor Chronicle discovers.


"Now that Tony Hawk is scheduled to make an appearance in Ann Arbor in just a little over a month, I took some time check into why it’s a big deal. Here’s what I have learned. He’s a professional skateboarder, and not just some very good professional skateboarder. If a new tennis court were being dedicated, it’d be like Roger Federer showing up to hit a few balls over the net. Or if a new public swimming pool were being christened, it’d be like Michael Phelps turning a few laps on opening day. If new chess tables were being installed at a city park, it’d be like Garry Kasparov sitting down at a board to force checkmate in three moves."

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