New eatery from owner of Kate's Downtown to open at Maritime Center

Kate's Downtown is expanding.
Fans of Kate’s Downtown, take note.

The proprietor of the downtown Port Huron bakery, café, and espresso bar is branching out with a new venture.

But have no fear. Kate’s Downtown will operate in business just as it always has.

Kate Voss will be opening an additional eatery in the Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point. Dubbed the Boat House by Kate’s, the new restaurant is tentatively scheduled for a March 11 opening.

In designing the new menu for the Boat House, Voss is taking a less is more approach. While some restaurateurs may think more options mean more profits, Voss believes that the key to success is a smaller menu that allows the eatery to focus on what they do well.

While some popular items at Kate’s Downtown will carry over to the Boat House, the majority of the menu will be completely new. Though Voss assures patrons that the Boat House will definitely be carrying the bagels and doughnuts she keeps getting asked about.

"We want to offer something that fits the location," Voss says. "I feel like it doesn’t have to be over-complicated."

Look for shareable items that friends can leisurely pick at while watching the boats go by. Voss mentions charcuterie platters as one of the new menu items.

Much of the menu will be nautically-themed, including the food and the drinks. There is an emphasis on fresh ingredients and affordable price points.

Voss is excited to be part of the Maritime Center experience, citing amazing views of the water and the historical knowledge of the organization. She says that when looking through the logbooks, visitors from numerous countries and every state have visited the attraction.

"We’re grateful to be the ones to set a good impression of our town," Voss says.

"We want to be remembered as a friendly place."

Boat House by Kate’s is located in the Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point.

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