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Andrea Kerbuski

Now that the winter is over and wardrobes are shifting, local fashionista Andrea Kerbuski’s shares her style and thoughts on Lansing's emerging fashion scene.

Betsy Weber

Truckers, road kill, gallons of coffee and who knows what else will accompany a team of Lansingites during their race against eight pockets of the social media world to a media/techie/idea/networking conference in Austin.

Daniel Hogan

This week's guest blogger, Daniel Hogan, 27, offers his thoughts on finding friends in a new city, shopping local, and ways to draw more young professionals to Downtown Lansing.

Maggie Striz Calnin

Maggie Striz Calnin is helping local businesses understand how alternative energy impacts society, the environment and their bottom line.

Anne Harcus

In 1993, after returning from the East Coast, Lansing native Anne Harcus and her partner, Mark Holoweiko, co-founded Stony Point Communications. This week, Harcus will give readers a glimpse into running a virtual business, and how the Lansing of her childhood has transformed itself into the Lansing of today.

Nikki Schippel

East Lansing resident and student Nikki Schippel is working to revitalize Lansing’s historic Westside neighborhood. This week, she tackles the issues that face many older urban communities—transportation, gentrification and identity.

David Hollister

Often credited with sparking the original turn-around in downtown Lansing, David Hollister spent his three terms as Lansing’s mayor securing a new transportation center, minor league baseball and new investments from GM. Today, as president and CEO of the Prima Civitas Foundation, he's still working to secure a brighter future for the Mid-Michigan economy.

Mara Willemin

This week, Mara Willemin, a 17-year-old local high school student, gives Capital Gains readers a glimpse into the tech-savvy mind of Generation Y. See why her generation is so addicted to electronic communication, what this means for businesses and how they can benefit from this addiction.

Bunmi Akinyemiju

Bunmi Akinyemiju is a busy 31-year-old. The vice president of East Lansing’s high-end Web-development firm, Artemis Solutions Group, CEO of the electronic payment startup, Enliven Software, and director of an “education portal” company in Africa called Splashers Technologies, Bunmi is a young entrepreneur who passionately calls the Lansing area his home.

Born in Lansing, Michigan in 1977 while his Nigerian parents were working on advanced degrees at Michigan State University, he moved back to Africa with his parents when he was five. He returned to MSU at 21.

Programming since the age of 14, Bunmi holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University. He developed his entrepreneurial and technical skills right from the start, with the first company he started in Africa—Splashers Technologies. 

Late last year, he was involved in the acquisition of Fidesic, a Seattle-based electronic invoicing and payment company. He recently led the completion of the first round of start-up financing for the new Michigan-based venture under the company’s new brand, Enliven Software.

Beyond his work with Artemis, Enliven and Splashers, Bunmi also sits on the advisory board for the Michigan State University Children's Initiative (MSUCHI), ran a mentoring program for the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing, and served on the Lansing mayor’s task force for economic development, job creation, and converging technologies.

9 Blogs | Page:
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