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Andrea Kerbuski doesn’t use the long Michigan winters and secure spot between the country’s two fashion-forward coasts as an excuse to ignore high fashion. Since childhood, Kerbuski has been experimenting with style both through dress and photography.

Now that the winter is over and wardrobes are shifting, Kerbuski is sharing her threaded experiences in New York, the Lansing fashion scene (yes, it is emerging) and growing up as a fashionista with Capital Gains readers.

On a more technical front, Kerbuski is from Ravenna, Mich., but has called Lansing home for the past six years. She graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2008 with a degree in agriculture and natural resource communications and works for Capital Area Michigan Works.

She also works as an associate photographer for Jason Aten Photography and spends her free time freelance writing, fashion blogging, shopping for deals and taking courses towards her masters in journalism. 

Photographs courtesy Susan Hamilton & Peter Spickenagel

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Post No. 3

Just as the flowers bloom and the earth becomes a brighter color palette, so should your wardrobe. There are plenty of ways to liven up your clothing ensembles by incorporating some of the season’s hottest trends of patterns, prints and fun silhouettes.

One of the biggest trends I’ve been inspired by is the pastel and nude hues gracing the runways. It’s the perfect shade to feel fresh and renewed. I incorporate these hues more subtly within my favorite black and grey pieces through a nail polish color or a pale-colored undershirt.

Thanks to Karl Lagerfield from Chanel, clogs are making a serious comeback. This time they’re back with playful and sometimes whimsical prints along with thick wooden heels and platforms. Other designers such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu or even more affordable Jeffrey Campbell or Steve Madden are picking up the trend. Wedges are adding wooden heels as well, so if you’re interested in that route, wedges are still a hot trend.

Floral prints and abstract patterns are making a statement this spring as well. The versatility of these pieces is what most excites me. By changing up the shoes and accessories, a floral dress can be transformed from a professional work look with a pair of simple heels and a boyfriend blazer to a grunge look by switching out the blazer with a leather jacket and a pair of lace up military inspired boots.

As the weather begins to heat up, it may be time to shed the layers and wear what’s traditionally considered inner wear as outerwear such as lace and other sheer fabrics. The brave fashionista can try a tube bra underneath a sheer button up such as these from American Apparel. Layered sheer skirts are another option if you’re not willing to bare it all.

Jumpsuits and rompers have been slowly making their way into trend and I anticipate frolicking around and wearing these throughout the spring and summer months. For the lazy, but fashion conscious individuals, slipping into a bright colored or patterned romper is time efficient and easy. Just add a pair of nude heels and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in staying in tune with fashion trends, sign up for daily email fashion tips from Who What Wear or Rachel Zoe Report. It’s where I get my fashion fix and inspiration.

Post No. 2

I first scoffed at the idea of Lansing having any sort of fashion scene. While not many others share my taste of Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, leather, studs and the color black, I do see creative individuals in this city piece together vintage looks, mix colors and put effort into exercising their own personal style. Fashion is subjective and there are plenty of people in this town who care about personal style and make it their own.

There is a fashion scene in Lansing. Amazing shops such as Grace, October Moon, Scavenger Hunt, Mad Eagle or even American Apparel have laid roots here to meet this community’s fashion demands.

There is such variety of shops in the area, from the traditional malls to small, niche boutiques to vintage and consignments shops—which makes Lansing a shopping Mecca. Plus, the location of Lansing is situated between Grand Rapids and Detroit—two great places to make a quick travel to shop, which I frequently do.

With Michigan State University (MSU) and Lansing Community College (LCC) in such close proximity, it brings a constant source of fresh ideas and young designers here where they can showcase their work. Lansing residents have the opportunity to view new fashion created by local college students. MSU’s Student Apparel and Design Association (SADA) hosts a fashion show each year in Lansing, bringing in nationally recognized personalities to judge and host.

It’s really something I believe Lansing residents need to become more engaged in and support. Just as New York Fashion Week re-energized me, this can have the same effect on our community.

Lansing may not be New York City or Los Angeles. However, anyone can still enjoy the same clothing and style by making the quick drive to Detroit, shopping online or shopping locally for less expensive versions.

This area serves as a great place for fashion inspiration as well. I’m inspired by other forms of art and culture and Lansing has plenty it. Sources of inspiration can come from the local music scene, various venues, local art, diversity and picturesque areas from the downtown urban area to the natural elements of the riverfront.

My fashion blog has helped connect me with more locals who are also interested in fashion and I’ve learned there are so many people in the area who share the same passion. If you’re interested in connecting with me or other locals interested in fashion, hit me up at or check out my blog.

Post No.1

I was brought up to view clothing as strictly utilitarian. Sometimes I ask my mom if I really came from her womb and she always answers “of course!” as she sits there in her mom jeans she found in the clearance bin five years ago at a local Tractor Supply Company. Thanks to her, my style remains simple, utilitarian, yet with an edge thanks to dad.

To this day, my dad rocks the leather jackets and vests, black jeans, motorcycle boots and leather cuffs inscribed with the Blue Oyster Cult initials. Friends always thought he was some sort of escaped convict, but he was just simply a badass. And I find myself drawing from his personal style aesthetic to inspire my own.

For more than three years I’ve been passively participating in the world of fashion through observation. After much hesitation, I finally jumped into several online fashion communities last year, and this year started my own fashion and personal style blog.

I’ve developed more confidence and gained support from my readers and fellow bloggers who have influenced my style. When the opportunity came to meet some of these girls in person, learn more about how to successfully run a fashion blog and experience New York Fashion Week, I jumped on board.

I registered for a conference during New York Fashion Week through Chictopia, which is one of the fashion communities I’m a member of. I was surrounded by influential bloggers such as Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, fashion editors and up-and-coming designers.

I was also invited to be a part of a Girls Night Out party sponsored by Dove, and hosted by mega-fashion blogger Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore. At this exclusive event, I met girls from around the country and put my photography skills to work. We enjoyed drinks and food before heading out in a limo to tour downtown New York City. By documenting the night, I was able to gain exposure through sharing these images with the bloggers. This experience allowed me to combine elements of photojournalism and fashion—two loves of my life.

I was also invited to the Academy of Art fashion show at Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week. The fashion show was by far the highlight of my stay in NYC. I photographed the models, personally experienced a true fashion show and was surrounded by inspiration and others who shared my enthusiasm for fashion. This further fueled my passion for photography and fashion.

I’ve been a silent observer for so long and now I’ve realized it’s time for me to take a risk and get more involved and channel this energy into the Capital region.
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