Bulgogi Korean Cuisine opens in East Lansing with 20 jobs

When Kevin Choi owned and operated Korean restaurants in both Novi and Ann Arbor, he noticed a similar thing happening in both locations. 
"There are many MSU students and that, during the weekend are going an hour away to go to the restaurant," says Choi. "There are many Asian students here, but they go to Ann Arbor and Novi because they couldn't find the right Korean food in East Lansing." 
Choi decided it was time to open an authentic Korean restaurant right where he knew there was demand: in East Lansing He opened the doors of his Bulgogi Korean Cuisine on Albert Avenue last week with 20 employees and room for 80 diners. 
Though other small Korean restaurants to exist in the area, Choi's offers something new to the scene. Not only is the 3,400 square foot Bulgogi Korean Cuisine larger than the others, it also features Korean barbeque grills at each table. 
" We bring out the customer scan too,' says Seoyoung Choi of Bulgogi Korean Cuisine. "A lot of customers don't know about Korean barbeque grills, so we want to make it a fun and enjoyable way to get the word out about Korean food."
In addition to Korean barbeque, Bulgogi offers other traditional Korean dishes, hot pots and noodle dishes. The restaurant is currently working to secure a liquor license, and Choi plans to add delivery as an option in the future. 

Source: Kevin Choi, Bulgogi Korean Cuisine
Writer: Natalie Burg, Development News Editor
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