C2AE Adds 5,300 Sq Ft Upper Peninsula Office, Considers East Lansing Expansion

Architecture, engineering and planning firm C2AE, with offices in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Gaylord, has opened a 5,300 square foot Escanaba location in June and is looking at expanding in East Lansing.

“Despite the current status of Michigan’s economy, we made the strategic decision that opening this office would provide us with major growth opportunities,” says Ray Tadgerson, C2AE chairman and CEO, of the Upper Peninsula location where the firm has four employees working.

“We opened the Escanaba location because the individuals that are working together have been in that area for years and years, so they’re very well-known,” says Marcie McCann, marketing manager for C2AE. “They’re familiar with the community. Not just the people, but how things work up there.”

The Escanaba location focuses on wastewater and rural development.

McCann says C2AE is also looking at expansion options at its Lansing headquarters.

“We have an area that we’re using for storage right now that we were just talking about expanding into,” McCann says. McCann doesn’t know how many additional employees the expansion would accommodate, but says expansion at the East Lansing location has always been a goal.

“We have been able to remain stable and we serve a lot of different markets, so that helps with our growth,” she says. McCann says C2AE is also exploring potential business opportunities generated by the federal stimulus package.

Source: Marcie McCann,C2AE       

Ivy Hughes is the managing editor of Capital Gains and can be reached here.

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