The Tin Can Opens in Downtown Lansing

A "world class dive bar" has come to downtown Lansing: The Tin Can.  The bar, according to its website, specializes in "cheap booze, cheap food and cheap friends."

As the name states, the Tin Can only offers beer in cans — no bottles or drafts allowed. Co-Owner Dave Sell says bars like the Tin Can are gaining popularity on the West Coast, and that he wanted to be on the "leading edge" in Lansing.

This cozy bar, which holds 60 to 80 people, also offers hard liquor and chili dogs that Sell says are "Detroit style."

Sell also  plans on bringing in Better Made Potato Chips, another Detroit favorite. Sell says he wants to "keep locally minded," by offering chip dips and the like from local delis and restaurants. He also plans on buying food from the nearby Lansing City Market.

The Tin Can opened Friday, February 12th at 414 E. Michigan Ave. next to Harem Urban Lounge.

The space was renovated for the new bar, which includes a new build out. Several stand-up coolers are on site to keep the Tin Can stocked with plenty of beer.  Microbrews and craft brews are available along side old standbys like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The Tin Can is smoke free and may eventually include live music.

Source: Dave Sell, the Tin Can

Writer: Daniel J. Hogan 

All Photographs © Dave Trumpie

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