New Healing and Recovery Center in Charlotte Will Create 36 New Medical Jobs

Eaton County Medical Care Facility (ECMCF), a nursing facility providing short-term rehabilitative services and long-term care in Charlotte, is opening their new Healing & Recovery Center. They plan to hire 12 full time certified nurse aides (CNAs) and 24 full-time rehabilitation technicians as a result.

“In a community the size of Charlotte, 36 jobs is a big deal—particularly when you look at these particular jobs,” says Kate Tykocki, chief communications officer for Capital Area Michigan Works!. “For [these types of positions, there] are excellent wages, and ECMCF has an excellent reputation it is very proud of as an employer.” 

The new Healing & Recovery Center was designed to promote wellness and approaches to holistic health by providing a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and specially trained nursing and therapy staff equipped to get clients back on track with their recovery, both in and out of the center.

“The Healing & Recovery Center marks an investment in the community and the community's well-being," says Tykocki. "The Charlotte health care community has really been on the cutting edge of health and wellness recently, and this is another commendable step."

Source: Kate Tykocki, Capital Area Michigan Works!

Writer: Suban Nur Cooley

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