Family Owned Lansing Financial Company Grows by 25 Percent, Adds Employees

Lansing-based Sutton Advisors expects business to grow by 25 percent within the next year.

Sutton Advisors is considered a “financial boutique” because it manages multiple services such as estate planning, trusts, wills, investments and insurance. Sutton advisors individually works with each client to develop what the company refers to as the client’s “personal journey.”

Sutton Advisors views financial planning as a means to helping families “define their journey.” Employees sit down with clients, ask them questions and really get a sense of how they want to map out their financial planning.

“I really think our business model is unique in terms of the comprehensive view we take with families and the team approach we take here in the office,” says Jordan Sutton. “Each person has a specialty they bring to the table.”

Linda and Jerry Sutton started the company 30 years ago. Their daughter Jordan Sutton returned to Michigan from Kentucky in 2004 to start working with her parents.

“They are hoping to add more employees,” Rochelle Rizzi, whose company, Rizzi Designs is working with Sutton Advisors. “They just hired one person and are hoping to add more within the next year. Despite the recession they’ve been able to stay positive because they’ve been able to plan.”

Source: Rochelle Rizzi, Rizzi Designs

Ivy Hughes is the managing editor of Capital Gains and can be reached here.

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