New building construction nearly done at Ann Arbor Airport

It's not exactly Aerotropolis development, but the Ann Arbor Airport is indeed expanding.

The small airport on the city's south side is preparing to open a few new buildings in the next few months as part of a $2.5 million improvement project. First up will be the six hangars set to open in January. A new maintenance shed will also open its doors early this spring.

The new hangars will bump up the airport's total to 154. The 63-by-65-foot buildings will offer more hanger space, accommodating either a couple of smaller planes or small, private jets.

"Basically anything with a 60-foot wingspan," says Matt Kulhanek, the manager for the Ann Arbor Airport.

The new 7,700-square-foot maintenance shed will replace the existing 4,000-square-foot structure.

"We really can't even get all of our equipment in there," Kulhanek says. "It's basically an old pall barn that doesn’t even have running water or sewer in it."

He adds this is the first expansion to the airport since the late 1970s or early 1980s. About half of the $2.5 million price tag is being paid for by state and federal grants. The rest comes from bonds the airport took out and will pay off with revenue it generates.

Source: Matt Kulhanek, the manager for the Ann Arbor Airport
Writer: Jon Zemke
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