Renovation planned for old Dexter Pharmacy building

Dexter Pharmacy won't be coming back to downtown Dexter, but that doesn't mean something bigger and better won't replace it soon.

The Schmid family, owners of a number of local pharmacies in the Dexter-Ann Arbor area, plans to consolidate its Dexter-area pharmacies into one new location on Baker Road. In the mean time the old Dexter Pharmacy retail space is being cleaned up and prepared for a new tenant.

"We don't want to leave it as a boarded up building in downtown any longer than we have to," says Marni Schmid, director of operations for Dexter Pharmacy.

The building at 8059 is being renovated on the interior right now and is being prepared for an exterior renovation complete with brick fa├žade and big windows. The 3,500-square-foot building has served as a pharmacy for its entire life. Originally it was McLeod's Pharmacy until the early 1980s when Marni Schmid's father Fred Schmid bought it.

The family is now consolidating its Dexter pharmacies (the Village Pharmacy II in Ann Arbor will remain as is) to a 2-story building on Baker Road near Bates Elementary School. The stand-alone building comes complete with a drive-thru, the pharmacy on the ground floor and medical office space on the second floor. Work on that project began in December and should be finished by October.

Source: Marni Schmid, director of operations for Dexter Pharmacy
Writer: Jon Zemke
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