Michigan Theater upgrades to new digital projector

The Michigan Theater is in line for a new, fancy digital projector; specifically a DCI Cinema Server and Project System.

That's theater jargon for a 4K Cinema Server System. Still confused? It really boils down to a $100,000 projector that allows the Ann Arbor vintage theater to show a great variety of movies, such as 3-D films. The plan is to have it installed in early May in time for "UP," Pixar's first 3-D film.

"It's the best you can get," says Russ Collins, CEO and executive director of The Michigan Theater. "It can show normal digital movies you see in a commercial theater or student movies."

The downtown theater ,across Liberty Street from Borders Store No. 1, has had digital projector capability since the mid 1990s. Collins compared the digital projectors to computers that need to be replaced every 3-5 years. This latest piece of state-of-the-art technology will launch The Michigan Theater to the front of the technology curve.

"We will probably be at the leading edge of digital cinema in the Ann Arbor for a while," he adds.

Source: Russ Collins, CEO and executive director of The Michigan Theater
Writer: Jon Zemke
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