Blue Heron Talent expands with international work

Blue Heron Talent has doubled its revenue over the last year and a major part of that growth is due to new business abroad.

The Ann Arbor-based company specializes in c-suite level coaching, and all of its client had been domestic until this last year. That's when a longtime global client referred the firm to a few international colleagues. Today about 12 percent of the company’s revenue comes from foriegn-based clients.

"That has been very exciting working with different cultures around the globe," says Barbara Allushuski, president & CEO of Blue Heron Talent.

Blue Heron Talent helps executives maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses through coaching. The idea is to help these companies grow by helping their leadership teams grow as professionals. It services both executives in large corporations and entrepreneurs in new startups.

"It's very in-demand because companies are growing again and companies what to be all they can be," Allushuski says.

Blue Heron Talent has added a handful of coaches over the last year to help keep up with demand. Allushuski points out that finding the right fit for her company has become a challenge in the last year, specifically finding coaches with both academic and business backgrounds.

"That continues to be the challenge," Allushuski says. "I can't find enough c-suite-level coaches with the right background."

Source: Barbara Allushuski, president & CEO of Blue Heron Talent
Writer: Jon Zemke

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