Clean Energy Coalition adds 2, in process of hiring 5 more

If every problem is an opportunity in disguise, the Clean Energy Coalition is enthusiastically seizing its problems and turning them into opportunities.

The Ann Arbor-based non-profit, focused on spreading green practices, lost about a third of its revenue a year ago. Before that the 6-year-old organization had been growing at a rapid pace, helping sustainable causes like improving fuel efficiency in local government automobile fleets and hiring a number of people.

The Clean Energy Coalition's leadership improvised. It beefed up its consulting services (a strengthening revenue source) and approached foundations. Today it has closed the gap and grown, hiring two people this year and in the process of hiring five more by the end of the year.

"That has been an extremely successful endeavor on our part," says Sean Reed, founder & executive director of the Clean Energy Coalition. "I attribute that success to all the talent we have on staff."

Today the Clean Energy Coalition employs 17 people and three interns. Reed hopes to double the size of the non-profit by the end of next year as it continues to create new revenue streams and expand its services.

Source: Sean Reed, founder & executive director of the Clean Energy Coalition
Writer: Jon Zemke

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