Tech Brewery's Deal Savant to relaunch with more options

Deal Savant launched last year with the idea of leveraging a new bit of technology, QR codes, to connect retail businesses with their best customers for the best deals. Today the Tech Brewery-based start-up is broadening that connection.

Joe Minock and Kyle Mulka developed a smartphone application that uses a QR code (think a checkerboard-like bar code that can appear on a touch screen) so people can claim discounts on purchases. Those codes tell the business whether the buyer found the ad on Facebook or from a friend. The software also reveals the gender and age of the buyer.

This software has been in a private Beta launch since it came out last year. Now the company is expanding the technology it uses, allowing businesses and customers to make that connection with other new forms of communications, such as text messages.

“We have really focused on the consumer interaction,” says Joe Minock, co-founder and CEO of Deal Savant. “We have made it easier for consumers to get the deal. We expect that will dramatically improve the client interaction and retention rate.”

Deal Savant expects to add 100 new businesses to its Beta launch this fall. It hopes to have a few thousand businesses as clients within the next year.

Source: Joe Minock, co-founder and CEO of Deal Savant
Writer: Jon Zemke

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