Language Link leverages corporate work for 3 new hires

The Language Link Institute is witnessing the comeback of the corporate American internationalist, mostly in its bottom line.

The Ann Arbor-based business has watched its revenue jump 20 percent in the last year on the strength of more business in the corporate language training sector. It has also seen more executives seek out tutoring in learning another language.

"Corporate training seems to be back," says Caroline Wojan, owner & director of the Language Link Institute. "We have a good number of interested parties and we have signed a number of new contracts."

The Language Link Institute primarily helps people either learn foreign languages or master English. It also offers tutoring services for students, and cultural and language training for foreign nationals in local businesses. It has also seen an increase in its test prep and student tutoring work and is branching out into hosting foreign language summer camps this year.

That uptick in business has allowed the Language Link Institute to hire three people over the last year. Its staff now stands at 11 employees and a summer intern.

"We're hopeful the corporate work will continue to grow," Wojan says. "It has been good the last three months and we're hopeful it will continue through the rest of the year."

Source: Caroline Wojan, owner & director of Language Link Institute
Writer: Jon Zemke

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