MedHub signs three big clients, plans to hire later this year

MedHub has signed three big clients, opening the door for some significant growth at the Ann Arbor-based firm.

MedHub inked hospitals at the University of Iowa, University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital. The last two are among the biggest and most prestigious teaching hospitals on the West Coast.

"It's not stopping there either," says Peter Orr, president of MedHub. "We have a quite a number of things in the pipeline."

These latest signings will allow the company to double in size. It has five positions open right now, which would double the firm's staff.

The company started off in 2002 as a project at the University of Michigan meant to help bring more functionality to the university's hospital system. It quickly grew into a money-making enterprise that follows medical school residents and manages their performance.

The program handles Medicare reimbursements at hospitals for training of doctors and residency programs. That can mean millions of dollars. MedHub is responsible for $85 million at U-M Hospital alone.

Source: Peter Orr, president of MedHub
Writer: Jon Zemke
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