Park n Party revamps online parking reservation system

Park n Party is gearing up to accommodate out-of-town visitors for its third University of Michigan Football season.

The Ann Arbor-based start-up has created software that allows people attending big events to reserve parking spots online. The idea is to save people the trouble of driving around searching for a place to park their car. The company started with University of Michigan Football games and has expanded to include the Ann Arbor Art Fair and Notre Dame's stadium.

"We expect to have our biggest season to date," says Jason Kapica, partner with Park n Party. "We have done more pre-season sales this year than any other time on our short history. We expect to have a great season."

He adds that Park n Party is finding new revenue streams by helping corporations find places to hold their events at U-M games. It is also helping food trucks find the best places to set up shop at game time.

Park n Party currently has eight or nine parking lots with thousands of parking space. It has also revamped its online reservation system so patrons can reserve multiple spots next to each other.

"Our new system is much more like a shopping cart where you can buy 10 spaces," Kapica says. "That has really allowed us to grow on the reservation side."

Source: Jason Kapica, partner with Park n Party
Writer: Jon Zemke

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