PWB Marketing Comm leverages SEO/social media hire for more biz

Ask Sean Hickey which way Internet marketing is heading and he will give you two answers: Search and social. Media, that is.

The COO of PWB Marketing Communications has watched those areas go from a driver of his company's growth to a integral part of its product portfolio. So much so that its most recent hire, a SEO/social media worker, has become a vital force in the company.

"We have been really surprised how our clients have needed and embraced that skill set," Hickey says. "We're at the point where we are starting to see the need to add people."

Which is a step in the right direction for an Ann Arbor-based company that was just trying to keep its head above water in the depths of the recession a few years ago. Today the company plans to make a hire or two and add a major client while increasing its product offerings to include ad buying for it customers. All of this is possible because of the company's recent pitfalls in the recession.

"We went through the '09 downturn and used that as opportunity to reinvent the company," Hickey says. "What we did 10 years ago is much different than what we do today."

Source: Sean Hickey, COO of PWB Marketing Communications
Writer: Jon Zemke

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