Sensei Change sets up shop at Ypsilanti's SPARK East

Diana Wong is a person who specializes in change. One might even call her an expert. But it doesn't take her well-trained eye to recognize the change that's washing over downtown Ypsilanti.

"It's an incredibly dynamic place," Wong says. "The energy there is dynamic. It's in the early stages of renewal and renaissance. Not everybody sees it but there are a lot of pieces in place."

One of those key places is Ann Arbor SPARK's new East Incubator. The office space for entrepreneurs on Michigan Avenue next to Bombadill's Café is where Wong choose to set up the office for her new start-up – Sensei Change.

The Eastern Michigan University business professor's firm specializes in handling change in the business world. That could be everything from helping professionals switch career paths to helping corporate executives make a successful switch to entrepreneurism. Wong makes sure these people make the changes in their strategies and technique to enable a successful switch.

"I find that a lot of strategy doesn't happen without fundamental change," Wong says.

What's staying consistent is the size of the 5-year-old company. Right now it's just her and four independent contractors. She hopes to change that by adding more independent contractors and even an employee or two when she starts taking on more work.

Source: Diana Wong, president and CEO of Sensei Change
Writer: Jon Zemke
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