VC Web Design nearly doubles staff, plans to add interns

VC Web Design has grown to the point it's having a hard time finding space for its new hires, leading the downtown Ypsilanti-based business to start looking for a bigger home.

"We can't fit any more people in here," says Vince Chmielewski, president of VC Web Design. "We would like to stay in downtown if possible."

The 3-year-old business was the first to spin out of Ann Arbor SPARK's downtown Ypsilanti incubator. It specializes in website construction and video work. Its revenue has doubled in the last year, allowing it to hire three people. Those new hires include a videographer and website developer.

The company now has a team of seven employees and is planning to add more interns this summer. That staff has been doing work with the Barwis Methods and Ann Arbor SPARK. Chmielewski expects the current rate of growth to continue for the rest of this year.

"So far we're on track to double again," Chmielewski says. "It's why we might not be able to be where we are for much longer."

Also helping accelerate VC Web Design is its recent switch to agile software development methodology. This new system emphasizes website developers showing updated versions of sites in the progress of development so changes can be made quickly and efficiently.

"You can change direction very easily without waiting until the end," Chmielewski says. "It changes our output because we have to do less rework."

Source: Vince Chmielewski, president of VC Web Design
Writer: Jon Zemke

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