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Ann Arbor native Andrew W.K. launches a podcast

First a weekly newspaper column, now a podcast. Give hims few years and Ann Arbor native Andrew W.K. may make a bid for Howard Stern's King Of All Media throne.

Listen here:

Is the future of urban mobility microtransit?

Uber, Lyft, airport shuttles, independent commuter buses, the revolution has begun. But where is it heading and what's needed to create the optimal carless system?


"Strictly speaking, there's nothing new about microtransit. Informal ride-sharing networks like New York's dollar vans have operated for years, while city agencies run paratransit services for people with disabilities (often at a great loss). But better data on mobility patterns and wide smartphone access have made flexible, on-demand transit more possible than ever. Social trends toward city living and away from car-ownership have also fanned the current flame."

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5 'tech titans' have strong ties to Michigan

Of the 23 "titans" listed in this compendium of tech giants, more than 20 percent have strong ties to the Mitten. And more than a couple are U-M grads.


"... we've profiled 23 tech titans with Midwest roots, whether they earned their degrees here or were born-and-bred. Yes, each founder and executive eventully left for the coast, but if the region continues to build out its individual tech hubs, the surrounding states will start to retain the game-changing innovators - like Marc Andreesen, Larry Page, Jack Dorsey, and more - that it's consistenly seeding. "

Read the list here.

Hackathon hits this weekend

For the 36 hours this weekend, students will immerse themselves in a world of programming codes and junk food in hopes of winning the nation's largest programming marathon with an incredible new product or application. Expect the air to be filled with excitement and B.O.


"According to the University of Michigan Engineering Department, the event is the largest student-run hackathon in the country. In 2014, the school says MHacks attracted over 1,200 college and high school students from 100 schools."

Read the and/or listen to the rest here.


India now Dominos Pizza's second biggest market

Man cannot live by vindaloo and tandoori alone. Sometimes there must also be cheap pizza.


"India now has an insatiable appetite for pizzas. And, Domino’s is riding high on the subcontinent’s love for fast food.

India is now the American pizza maker’s second biggest market, the Economic Times newspaper reported today. It has 818 Domino’s Pizza restaurants, the second highest in the world."

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Thomson Reuters expands, to add 300 jobs over five years

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) approved a $2.4 million Michigan Business Development Programperformance-based grant for Thomson Reuters to grow its presence in the Ann Arbor area. Pittsfield Township to be exact. That supposedly means a few hundred new jobs.


"Thomson Reuters worked with Ann Arbor SPARK to secure the MEDC incentives. Pittsfield Township will consider offering support of the project in the form of a property tax abatement, the release says."

Read the rest of the press release reportage here.

The humans (and lizard people) of Ann Arbor

First there was the popular Facebook page "Humans Of New York," which supposedly sets out to capture the rich pageant of living in America's largest city. Then Ann Arbor created its rather more homogeneous counterpart. Then the inevitable happened. Grad student Jeremy Kaplowitz sought to unmask the lizard people of New York who actually control our world. Now that mission has spread to Ann Arbor as well… though no hidden reptilians have yet to be revealed. Yet. Further proof of a conspiracy?

Humans Of New York:

Lizard People Of New York:

Humans of Ann Arbor:

Lizard People of Ann Arbor:

Ann Arbor startup lands on CNN's list of "game changing gadgets"

Ever want to be Jordi from Star Trek? Or Lobot from Star Wars? Have no idea what those references are? Don't worry, not being a geek doesn't mean you can't think these 3D goggl;es aren't cool.


"From Michigan-based Avegant, the Glyph headset looks like a chunky set of headphones with a pop-down, "Star Trek"-style visor. (They promise a sleeker look for the final product).

It hooks up to a smartphone, TV, gaming device or laptop and uses a system of 2 million microscopic mirrors to beam the images directly into your retinas."

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Siri meet Dom: Dominos takes its app to the next level

The robot invasion has begun! Well, sorta. If by "robot" you mean voice-based app and if by "invasion" you mean pizza delivery. Dominos = Skynet? Not quite.


"The company, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, says the updated app for iPhones and Android devices will deliver a "human-like, conversational" experience, but notes that it will take some time to work out the kinks in the technology."

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U-M student startup Seelio gets acquired after just 3 years

From kitchen table to acquisition, a U-M social media startup see bright days ahead.


"When Seelio launched, Lee envisioned it as an alternative to LinkedIn for the Millennial set—a place where students could showcase their talent, experience, and hobbies. For example, users could create a page that detailed a fictional company created for a business course complete with photos, videos, and information about the company’s business model."

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EMU, U-M chosen for Google Community Leaders Program

EMU joins Wayne State University, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and the University of Michigan for a Google-sponsored program that teaches search optimization and digital marketing experience to students in order to help them support local businesses.


"Five Eastern Michigan University students have been accepted into Google's Community Leader's Program, a volunteer operation in which students help equip local small businesses and non-profits to compete in the digital age. The five EMU students, Mahdi Alkadib, Patrick Cotter, Joseph Wendl, Robert Larson, and Sean Tseng, will work with various local businesses and organizations throughout southeastern Michigan, introducing them to tactical Google tools like Google+, Google Apps, Google Analytics and Google AdWords."

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Duo Security's Dug Song named Leader & Innovator of the Year

It's no secret that Concentrate has a soft spot for local CEO Dug Song and his tech firm Duo Security. Seems like others are starting to catch up...


"he Leaders & Innovators program was developed in 2005 by Lawrence Tech to recognize Michigan business executives who are engaged in cutting-edge professions and industries expected to be key to Michigan’s economic future.
Song has a history of leading successful products and companies to solve pressing Internet security problems. He spent seven years as founding chief security architect at Arbor Networks, protecting 80 percent of the world’s Internet service providers, and growing annual revenue to $120 million before its acquisition by Danaher."

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Ann Arbor student is finalist for Google Doodle scholarship

Artsy and green-minded. It's so Ann Arbor. A grade-schooler at Logan Elementary is a finalist for the Google Doodle contest and may end up on the search engine's main launch page.


Hannah Hu of Logan Elementary school is one of 50 finalists in the contest to design the company's logo for a day. This year's theme is "If i could invent one thing to make the world a better place."

Read the rest here.

Local blogger takes on anti-transit groups

Blogger and Ypsilanti resident Mark Maynard is no stranger to Concentrate's pages. His sporadic Exit Interview series is about as good as it gets for a ground-view perspective of living in our communities. Lately, Maynard has cast his ear and eye on the fight over whether Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority should expand its service and those who oppose the idea.
"I should know better than to try to make sense of the arguments being offered by the rag tag band anti-tax activists who have come together to fight the AAATA millage we’ll be voting on next month, but, when I heard that they’d launched a website, I thought that I’d check it out, and see if maybe they’d figured out a way, in the time since we last discussed this, to better articulate their concerns.
What I found, though, was an absolute mess… an intellectually inconsistent barrage of unsubstantiated nonsense."
Read the rest (and comments) here.

Popular podcast reveals secret Ann Arbor destination

Okay, so not only do I have a new podcast I must listen to but there's a place in Ann Arbor I simply need to find. If anyone can take a lowly editor to Heyoon it would be much appreciated.
"Mars focuses on the nearly invisible. "It tries to focus on all the thought that goes into the little things that people don't think about,” he added. For example, a personal favorite was when he delved into the logic behind revolving doors. The simpler the concept, the better it resonates with listeners, such as one of his bigger hits about a secret place in Ann Arbor, Mich. called "Heyoon."
Read the rest here. Here's the episode in question.
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