New Port Huron tavern to host the trending sport of axe throwing

Axe throwing is on tap this summer at Blue Water Axe.The lumberjack sport of axe throwing is set to take flight in Port Huron this summer.

The sport--much like darts except, well, with axes--has been the latest trend to sweep through Michigan’s nightlife scene. Bars have recently opened in Michigan cities like Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, and Ferndale, and all built around the sport of axe throwing.

Blue Water Axe, a modern tavern and axe throwing venue, is targeted for a mid-summer 2018 opening in downtown Port Huron.

Owner Hunter Potter got the idea for Blue Water Axe after a trip to Detroit Axe in Ferndale. Recognizing the immediate popularity of the sport, Potter decided that he wanted to open his own axe throwing venue in Port Huron. Three months later and he’s almost there.

"I went down there for a party, and people couldn’t even get reservations. I thought, What’s all this hype about? I felt it would fit perfectly in Port Huron," Potter says.

"We have a lot more 21-to-35-year-olds than people think."

While the 21-to-35-year-old demographic might be an obvious target when it comes to a sport like axe throwing, Potter hopes to build a place that appeals to everyone. And while axe throwing may be a focus, Blue Water Axe will also feature lounge and seating areas, board games, and food and beverage service.

Potter says that he wants to incorporate "fun" drinks, like a 12-person Moscow Mule, and personalized drinking horns. Located in the same building as Rix’s Rooftop, Blue Water Axe has a deal to use Rix’s kitchen to serve their own brand of appetizers and finger foods.

"I don’t want it to be a place where people just come to throw axes once a month," Potter says. "The atmosphere is going to keep you coming back."

Of course, while he’s building a place for many a social occasion, Blue Water Axe is, at its core, an axe throwing bar. Even the employees will be dressed like lumberjacks, with the uniform consisting of red plaid shirts and suspenders.

Potter is building eight axe throwing lanes, with two targets per lane. An axe master will be assigned to each lane to ensure the appropriate safety procedures. A veteran himself, Potter is planning on hiring only veterans to fill the axe master roles.

Blue Water Axe has already been enrolled in an axe throwing league, and will host teams from places like Detroit Axe in Ferndale. Potter also plans on hosting cross-town rivalry competitions with teams from across the river in Sarnia, Ontario.

Whether it’s a night on the town or a competitive league, look for axes to be flying at Blue Water Axe come mid-summer.

And that’s a good thing.

"I just want people to know that this place is going to be fun. Happening. Hip," says Potter. "I want a vibe for both college kids and businessmen.

"What’s more fun than throwing axes and drinking beer with your business partner?"

Blue Water Axe is located on the fifth floor of 511 Fort St. in Port Huron.

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