Cindarella success a dream come true for shop owner

With a name like Cinda, it only makes sense to open a shop called Cindarella.

Getting started

Since 2005, Cinda “Cindy” Gondol-Mills has owned and operated the Cindarella Resale and Consignment Shop in the Port Huron area.  

After learning more about the consignment business from her friend, Ann Daniels Ulmer, Gondol-Mills was ready to dive into the market.

“I knew it was something I could do and do it well.” says Gondol-Mills.

Consignment is a trading agreement in which a seller takes products to a buyer or reseller who then pays the seller when the goods are sold.

“Consignment is a great way to get quality items for less with personal service,” says Gondol-Mills.  “Cindarella has great consignors that provide us daily with great items to offer. I have been very lucky to have support from my community and my consignors.”
Keys to success
Cindarella sells prom and Homecoming dresses, athletic wear, trendy jewelry, clothes for work or play, and more. “I added painted furniture and small household items to the mix,” she says.  
“It’s really great for the economy,” says regular customer Amy Hurd. “And I am single and I work for the [Port Huron] Township, and I have to look professional. So Cindy helps me put stuff together.”

Once her doors opened, business was off to a great start.

Gondol-Mills outgrew her space on 24th street in Port Huron within three months, and moved to another spot, which lasted two years. She has been at her current location in  Kimball for 10 years now.
“I made sure I had lots of visual clothing displays, creative decorating displays, and I made sure everyone had a great personal shopping experience,” she says. “This is what sets my shop apart from many others. So many other shops have come and gone.”
Building business
She has recently opened a second store, called Cindarella Etc. Shabby Chic Décor and More at the emerging Market Square in Marysville.
“I have created a place for ‘vendors’ that repurpose and bring new life to old things,” she says. “Every day at both shops bring new people, new items and new ideas. There is just something about a piece someone has worked on and put everything they have into it.”

Those things include crafts, hand painting, and homemade items for sale like dressers, picture frames, wall signs, and more.
“I love everything about both stores,” says Hurd. “If I need to get a present, like for a graduation gift, or a baby shower, there is something for every age group, and every occasion--it's very personable.”
“It fills my heart and soul with such joy to be able to open a place in which all of these creative people can come together as one,” says Gondol-Mills.
Making it work
She says her husband of 19 years, Tom, and her three children, Christina, Andrew and Lexi have been very supportive, and that owning the store is a blessing because their son has autism.
“Owning my own shop has been a blessing when it comes to scheduling,” she says “Painting furniture has been wonderful at helping me cope with the tremendous amount of stress raising a child with autism.”
The Cindarella Resale and Consignment Shop is located at 4535 Lapeer Road in Kimball.
The new Cindarella Etc Shabby Chic and More Decor Vendor Market is at the Market Square at 1162 Gratiot in Marysville.
“We are still looking for more vendors,” says Gondol-Mills.  “They can contact me for more information at”
She has plans for the market once it is up and running and full of vendors, as well as to keep the original shop up and running.
“It is a wonderful feeling to do something you love and to find other people that love the same things you do. Creating things fill my soul. I know I have made something special no one else has and I have put everything I have into each piece.”
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