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On the verge: Port Huron singer Drew Jacobs making noise in music scene

Drew Jacobs' smooth-as-butter voice paired with a side smile that says, ‘Yeah, I'm talkin' to you,' a la George Strait, is what country dreams are made of. He has already found success beyond his hometown of Port Huron, and has plans to spread his talent even farther.

Drew JacobsThe rising star took classes for guitar and began making music in high school; his first show ever was in 2013 at Port Huron High School's collage concert.
His career took off a few years afterward, when producer B.J. Perry of Wall of Sound Studios reached out to record a song, and Jacobs found a calling.

"This job is what I do best, and it's what I want to do for the rest of my life. Not to be ‘famous,' as other people would say, but to live a happy life doing something I love with the people I love," he says.

It's been one win after another since then. Jacobs' tune ‘The Wedding Song (Never More Beautiful)' became a hit in the Philippines, surpassing Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran on Top Ten lists there. "Got Me Like Whoa," his recently released debut album, which was preceded by an EP titled "Damn Good Night" in August 2016, is blowing up.
It has gained the attention of thousands of new fans and hit No. 1 on the iTunes Country charts. All of the songs on "Got Me Like Whoa" are catchy and heartfelt, similar to Luke Bryan, and Jacobs peppers in some low notes, almost Josh Turner style, too. If you're new to Jacobs, listen to the often requested fan favorite "Missin' and Wishin," and check out music videos for the title track and "Kiss Me."


Aside from the cover songs he is known to play, this multi-talented artist writes his own songs. The majority are about love or heartbreak, with the occasional party tune. Take the lyrics from "Jesus and You": "You don't hear the prayers I say for you when you sleep… Girl you saved me, I promise baby, I'll always be the man you need." He says his songs are written from personal experience.

"I get my ideas from real life experiences. I've been heartbroken. I've been loved, and I've had many good times," he says. "The love songs are written from the heart."

The relatable music, hard work, and talent have fans flocking to support Jacobs' music. He takes time to connect to the Drew Crew every chance he gets, often through a developing social media presence.
Being online is very interactive for fans. Jacobs almost always replies himself in a friendly, personal way. Music video clips are posted with a suggestion urging listeners to tag their significant other. Jacobs will pop on Facebook Live to take song requests, hang out, and sign CDs.
The acoustic, casual, spur-of-the-moment videos next to produced music videos show both the superstar and "real" side of Jacobs, an intriguing balance for the fans he so obviously cares for.

"I love them more than anything! I want them to come to my shows and have the best night of their lives," he says.

He announced his CD release concert live on social media, and the announcement racked up 13,000 views. The show is Nov. 25 at McMorran Place with special guests The Gasoline Gypsies and Alex Shier. Doors open at 7 p.m.
Because he concentrated on recording music and developing social media, this will be Jacobs' first official concert aside from small gigs at The Raven Café and Lynch's Irish Tavern. Although he is often seen online solo or with a guitar, Jacobs has a full band that will be playing. To say he is excited is an understatementGot Me Like Whoa is Drew Jacobs' debut album

"Tickets have been selling so fast that it's absolutely blowing my mind. McMorran seats over 1,100 and to think that it will be a packed house…WOW," Jacobs says.

In fact, a VIP section for the show was created and sold out quickly.

Jacobs says he doesn't take days off. Occasionally, he teaches guitar or singing lessons, but most of the time he's getting ready for the show, writing songs, recording, making videos, practicing, and getting in touch with his many social media followers.

With that kind of determination, success should continue to be steady. Jacobs is making his way to Nashville at the end of the year to woo booking agents in hopes of a summertime tour.

Soon enough Drew Jacobs will be a household name, and he's the type of guy you can be proud to say hails from your hometown. Listen soon and come to the McMorran show so you can say, "I knew him when."

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