Downtown Port Huron is a popular destination with new shops and restaurants opening. <span class='image-credits'>David Lewinski</span>

PHOTOS: What do you love about downtown Port Huron?

There are a variety of new places to try in downtown Port Huron

From the twinkling overhead lights to the restaurants and shops, there is a lot to love about downtown Port Huron. With the recent revitalization of the area, there are many reasons to stop in and stay awhile.

Recently The Keel asked Port Huron visitors what they enjoy about being downtown.

Danielle and Eddie Bernardo love the history of Port HuronDanielle and Eddie Bernardo love all the historic buildings and how well most of them are kept up.  Eddie says enjoys being able to see all the historic things relating to Thomas Edison being part of Port Huron’s history.

Irene and Iain Turner and Diane and Andrew Boltor For Irene and Iain Turner and Diane and Andrew Boltor, stopping at the Raven Cafe is a must when downtown.
Diane Boltor says her favorite thing in Port Huron is the Raven Café, a sentiment that’s shared by her husband, Andrew, as well.  All four people were really enjoying rediscovering the downtown area after not visiting for awhile. They all enjoyed the new shops.

Chuck and Lisa Nitz love exploring the antique shops.Chuck and Lisa Nitz say their favorite thing about Port Huron is the large variety of antique shops.

Ashley, Jeff, and Shawn love checking out new places. Ashley Jeff and Shawn all enjoy trying new places in Port Huron and were on their way to try out Sperry's.Karen Paszek and Kevin Burns love being on the water and shopping in downtown

Karen Paszek and Kevin Burns

"I love the downtown's proximity to the Blue Water Bridge.  I also love being able to see the freighters go by right from downtown," says Karen Paszek.

Kevin Burns says he's a big fan of the shopping, especially with the expansion of the downtown retail spots.

Carlito loves that there is access to all denominations of churches in Port Huron.Carlito says his favorite thing about downtown Port Huron is its accessibility to all different denominations of churches and the approachability of the Christian community.

The Bluewater Bridge is a great place to visit.
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